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Our goal is to keep you safe. We know that losing power disrupts lives. That is why we are listening to our customers and finding ways to reduce the impact of Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS), without compromising safety.


We have the following resources available to support you throughout a PSPS.

Community Resource Centers

Community Resource Centers

During a PSPS, we open Community Resource Centers where you can access resources in a safe location. Each center offers an ADA-accessible restroom and hand-washing station, basic medical equipment charging, device charging, Wi-Fi and other amenities.

Learn more about Community Resource Centers

Download potential community resource center locations (PDF, 544 KB)

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Medical Baseline program

Medical Baseline Program

Do you rely on electrical power for medical needs? Apply for the Medical Baseline Program to receive benefits such as extra PSPS notifications.

Will you need extra help during a Public Safety Power shutoff?

Will you need extra help during a PSPS?

If you or someone you know has a disability, or requires accessibility, financial or language support, PG&E has partnerships to provide resources to those who need them most. Resources include transportation, hotel stays and food replacements.

Generators and backup power

Generators and backup power

Though PG&E is not responsible for providing backup power before or during a PSPS, we want to provide as much support as possible for homes and businesses interested in energy solutions.

Find out if backup power is right for you, discover retailers and learn about financing options.

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