Find or report gas outages

Learn what to do if you suspect a gas leak, plus review gas safety tips.

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Gas outage reports

If you are experiencing an outage, please call the PG&E Customer Service Line at 1-800-743-5000.

What to do if you smell gas

If you smell natural gas, or suspect another emergency situation, leave the area immediately. Call 9-1-1 for emergency assistance and then call PG&E at 1-800-743-5000.


Access additional gas information

Visit the following resources for more information on gas:


Discover natural gas, a key energy source

The United States has more than 1.5 million miles of transmission pipelines and distribution systems that provide natural gas to the millions of people who rely upon it. The PG&E natural gas system spans 70,000 square miles, and serves one out of every 20 United States residents. Learn more about natural gas as a key energy source. Visit Keeping Your Community Safe.


Natural gas safety tips

Gas safety is important, and being prepared can you help avoid dangerous situations. Find out:


  • What to do if you suspect a gas leak
  • How to detect carbon monoxide
  • How to turn off your gas in an emergency
  • Other valuable advice

The following webpage can help you stay safe around gas. Visit Gas Safety.