Welcome to PG&E's San Francisco Division

PG&E's San Francisco Division covers the City and County of San Francisco, an urban community that is the cultural, commercial and financial heart of the Bay Area. San Francisco is the fourth most populous city in California, with more than 850,000 residents across its 49 square miles. The city has substantial infrastructure, including major freeways, ports and ferry terminals, and is home to the San Francisco Giants stadium and the future home of the Golden State Warriors. San Francisco is experiencing the most active development boom in recent memory, including new construction across all sectors: housing, commercial, cultural/entertainment, and local and regional infrastructure. PG&E serves residents in the unique and eclectic commercial/residential neighborhoods, along with iconic commercial, educational, cultural and healthcare institutions throughout the city and downtown. On this page, you'll find news and essential information about PG&E in your hometown.

Office workers in San Francisco are vowing to reduce energy.

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