Welcome to PG&E's North Valley Division

PG&E's North Valley Division serves nearly 500,000 residents across 12,500+ square miles, including the counties of Shasta, Tehama, Plumas, Butte, Glenn and parts of Trinity and Lassen counties. The men and women of PG&E's North Valley Division are proud to be a part of your local team. The North Valley is home to some of California's most spectacular forests, mountains and national parks, in addition to growers of walnuts, almonds, olives and other produce, wineries, breweries, manufacturing and higher education campuses. PG&E is preparing to meet the diverse needs of North Valley residents and businesses by investing in our infrastructure and working closely with the local business and civic communities to plan for growth. On this page, you'll find news and essential information about PG&E in your hometown.

PG&E crews recently relocated a gas line in Shasta County because of beavers chewing the line.

Shasta County: PG&E Moves Gas Line to Prevent Beaver-Caused Leaks

ANDERSON — PG&E crews responded to a seemingly routine report of a gas odor on a rural residential road outside this Shasta County city. But what they found... Read More