Pacific Gas and Electric Company is dedicated to building safer, more resilient communities for our coworkers and our customers with a program of charitable giving that addresses critical social, educational and environmental challenges, helping to ensure a safe, prosperous and inclusive future for all Californians.

This charitable program reflects a deep commitment to the safety and well-being of the communities we serve, rooted in the fundamental goals of supporting People, Planet and Prosperity. Charitable contributions aim to make meaningful impact in the following four areas of focus:

People Planet Prosperity Graphic

In 2020, PG&E, together with The PG&E Corporation Foundation (an independent private foundation whose primary sponsor is PG&E), contributed a total of $17.5 million to more than 600 nonprofit organizations throughout Northern and Central California.

View a complete list of organizations which received charitable contributions in 2020 (PDF, 248 KB).
Learn more about our Better Together Program from 2020 (PDF, 1.8 MB)

PG&E and The PG&E Corporation Foundation’s Charitable Giving Programs

We are proud of the difference we've made, and continue to make, in the lives of our fellow Californians. In 2021, PG&E and The PG&E Corporation Foundation will continue several signature initiatives, including:

We look forward to making a difference with these and other signature programs, as well as our local community contributions programs in the coming year.

The 2021 charitable cycle is now open.  Please contact the PG&E Community Relations team or a local contact in your community with questions about the program or to inquire about funding opportunities this year.