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PLEASE NOTE: February 1, 2017 is the deadline for Employee Resource Group (ERG) scholarship programs.


PG&E Employee Resource Groups help bring our employees together, and provide an essential bridge of communication to our customers, regardless of culture, age or gender. In support of the communities we serve, Employee Resource Groups offer scholarship opportunities for individuals who are pursuing higher education. A key Employee Resource Group role is to award scholarships to college-bound students for academic achievements and community service.

Explore Employee Resource Group scholarship application information

Although PG&E uses a standard scholarship application, each Employee Resource Group reserves the opportunity to award funds to students who show a commitment to a specific community or cause. Each Employee Resource Group requires an additional supplemental application. View Employee Resource Group scholarship applications and supplemental scholarship applications. Visit Apply for scholarships provided by PG&E and your Employee Resource Groups.

Discover PG&E Employee Resource Groups

Following are PG&E Employee Resource Groups that support the pursuit of higher education for deserving individuals.


Learn about Access Network Employee Resource Group

Access Network Employee Resource Group supports the inclusion of people with disabilities in the PG&E workforce, and supports customers and community members who have disabilities. The group also strives to enhance PG&E awareness and reputation regarding disability challenges.


Access Network Employee Resource Group awards $1,000 to $3,000 scholarships to five or more college-bound high school seniors and continuing students.


Learn about Asian Employee Resource Group

Asian Employee Resource Group represents the PG&E collective employee population. The group seeks to add value and support to PG&E initiatives. It provides an effective forum for members to enhance skills, knowledge and experience. Through organized activities, the group helps members to play key roles within the company and their communities.


Asian Employee Resource Group awards $1,000 - $2,000 scholarships to at least 10 college-bound high school seniors.


Learn about Black Employee Resource Group

Black Employee Resource Group is an organization dedicated to cultivating and maintaining an energized network of professionals in support of African American culture. The group provides a supportive environment for career and professional development, mentoring and community outreach.


This year, Black Employee Resource Group awards $1,000 to $5,000 scholarships to at least 10 college-bound high school seniors and continuing students.


Learn about Latino Employee Resource Group

Latino Employee Resource Group is an organization of dedicated employees committed to personal development, company success and community well-being. The group operates with a mission to inspire Latinos to achieve their full potential at all levels within PG&E and the community. The organization's emphasis is on leadership development, quality service, youth achievement and appreciation for cultural diversity.


Latino Employee Resource Group awards $1,000 - $2,000 to roughly 30 college-bound high school seniors and continuing students.


Learn about Legacy Employee Resource Group for tenured employees

Legacy Employee Resource Group strives to share the experience, knowledge and perspective of employees who have tenure or bring tenure to PG&E. The group supports the community and PG&E through outreach and mentoring efforts. Legacy Employee Resource Group also provides education and development opportunities for members.


Legacy Employee Resource Group awards $1,000 to $3,000 in scholarships to up to two or more recipients; college-bound high school seniors, undergraduate and graduate students, and continuing students in certificate programs related to supporting senior communities.


Learn about NuEnergy Employee Resource Group for new employees

NuEnergy Employee Resource Group serves to engage, inspire and onboard new employees through social networking, community volunteering and professional development opportunities.


NuEnergy Employee Resource Group awards $1,000 to $5,000 in scholarships to three to five currently continuing college students (not to graduating high school seniors).


Learn about PrideNetwork Employee Resource Group

The mission of the PrideNetwork Employee Resource Group is to promote a safe and equal environment for PG&E Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Ally employees, while contributing to larger company objectives. The group extends its support to the wider community by co-sponsoring scholarships for senior high school students who support LGBT issues and representing PG&E in leadership positions within various community organizations.


The PrideNetwork Employee Resource Group's scholarship program awards $6,000 in scholarships to at least five students.


PLEASE NOTE: PrideNetwork Employee Resource Group uses a separate application form because its application is in partnership with several companies. This scholarship application does not require completion of the general 2016 Employee Resource Group scholarship application.


Learn about Samahan-Filipino Employee Resource Group

"Samahan" means unity or collaboration in Tagalog. Samahan-Filipino Employee Resource Group promotes social and educational aspects of Filipino-American culture and heritage among its members and to all PG&E employees. The group also partners with local Filipino-American organizations to extend the PG&E relationship to the communities throughout the service territory.


Samahan-Filipino Employee Resource Group awards $1,000 to $2,000 in scholarships to at least 10 college-bound high school seniors.


Learn about Veterans Employee Resource Group

Veterans Employee Resource Group shares a vision of excellence through leadership. Part of the group’s mission is to act on behalf of veterans within PG&E and in service area communities.


Veterans Employee Resource Group awards up to $5,000 or more in scholarships to five to ten high school seniors and continuing students.


Learn about Women's Network Employee Resource Group

Women's Network Employee Resource Group promotes, develops and celebrates the community of women working at PG&E. The group is active in many nonprofit organizations devoted to professional development, environmental stewardship and women-focused issues.


Women's Network Employee Resource Group awards $1,000 to $3,000 scholarships to at least eight college-bound high school seniors.

Learn about Pacific Service Employees Association

Pacific Service Employees Association provides scholarship opportunities reserved solely to the dependents of PG&E employees who promote community involvement in the areas where they live.


Apply for a Pacific Service Employees Association scholarship. Visit Apply for scholarships provided by PG&E and your Employee Resource Groups.


PSEA awards $1,000 to numerous PG&E employee dependents.

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