Are you ready to move to an all-electric home or building?

  • Electrification refers to the process of changing appliances over from gas and other non-electric fuel sources to electricity.
  • Electrification is green. It reduces greenhouse gases, results in better air quality and comfort.
  • Electrification costs less.
  • Get no-cost training on the benefits of electrification.
Benefits of moving from gas to electric appliances

Benefits of electric appliances

  • They make your home more efficient. Electric appliances are now three to five times as efficient as gas.
  • They can reduce your energy bill. Highly efficient electric appliances save you money every month.
  • They can improve indoor air quality and safety. Electric appliances are cleaner and less hazardous than natural gas. If not regularly inspected and maintained, gas appliances can leak unhealthy emissions into a room.
Find modern electric appliances

Find modern electric appliances

Modern electric appliances are more efficient than gas. They improve air quality—indoors and out—and save you money. Find modern electric appliances that run efficiently and comfortably on clean electric power at PG&E Marketplace.

Learn more about electrification at The Switch is On:

Electrification Training

Get no-cost training on the benefits of electrification and electric building technologies. Find classes on heat pump water heaters, induction cooktops, heat pump heating and cooling systems, and more. For a full class catalog, visit PG&E Energy Centers.