Are you ready to move to an all-electric home or building?

All Electric building
  • Changing home and commercial building appliances from ones that use non-electric fuel sources (such as gas) to ones that use electricity as a fuel source is called electrification.
  • Electrification reduces greenhouse gases (GHGs). It helps our state reach its GHG reduction goals.
  • With energy efficiency, electrification can provide greater comfort. It can also provide lower costs and better air quality.

Benefits of moving from gas to electric appliances

Benefits All Electric
  • It makes your home more efficient
    The efficiency of electric appliances has improved. Now they are 3-5 times as efficient as their gas counterparts. This means that they use less energy.
  • It can reduce your energy bill
    Because new electric appliances use less energy. Switching from gas to electric appliances can save you money on your monthly energy bill.
  • It can improve indoor air quality and safety
    Replacing appliances that run on natural gas with ones that run on electric can improve indoor air quality. This is done by eliminating the unhealthy emissions that gas appliances put out. Gas appliances need to be regularly inspected and maintained to make sure that they are not causing dangerous exposure to carbon monoxide.

Advancement of electric appliances

Advancement of Appliances

Today natural gas is used in many homes and commercial buildings to heat and cool air, heat water, dry clothes and cook. Gas appliances have been shown to produce unhealthy particulate matter. This worsens both indoor and outdoor air quality. Through some truly revolutionary technology there are now modern electric appliances that run efficiently and comfortably on clean electric power.

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