Make your building project more energy efficient

PG&E’s Savings by Design Program is not accepting new applications at this time.  A statewide, new construction program is expected to be launched mid-2021. In the interim, please contact your PG&E representative for other applicable program options. Design and build more energy-efficient projects. The PG&E Savings By Design (SBD) Program can show you how. SBD offers services to building designers and owners in our service area, including business solutions, owner incentives and educational resources.

SBD can help you exceed California's Title 24 energy-efficiency standards. Our engineers can analyze your building's energy design to help it rise above the standard and you can earn financial incentives for doing so.

To begin, download the Savings by Design Participant Handbook (PDF, 747 KB).

Learn about eligibility requirements

  • Your building must receive utility services from PG&E when it's finished.
  • Your project must be in the concept or design phase.

7 steps to qualify for an incentive

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Contact an SBD Representative

Owners, architects, designers, engineers, contractors, or other project representatives initiate contact with a SBD Representative. Call 415-973-3803 or email

Please submit your owner and design team applications to the SBD representative or send it to before the July 31st, 2019 deadline.

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Complete the application

Owners and Design Team must complete an application during the conceptual or schematic design phase to establish their interest in participating, which will be reviewed and approved by PG&E.

Please submit your owner and design team applications to the SBD representative or send it to before the July 31st, 2019 deadline.

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Attend kickoff meeting

A kickoff meeting is held with an SBD Representative who will work closely with the Owner and the Design Team to establish initial energy efficiency targets for the project.

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Submit plans

Owner or Design Team submits plans, Title 24 compliance calculations, and other design documents to the SBD representative.

The deadline to submit these documents is December 31st, 2019.

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Execute incentive agreement

SBD Representative issues an Incentive Agreement to the Owner and Design Team. All parties fully execute the agreement.

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Request on-site verification

Once construction is complete, the Owner or Owner's representative must contact a SBD Representative to request an on-site verification.

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Issue incentive check

On-site verification report is completed by SBD Representative and incentive check is issued to the Owner and Design Team. Your final rebate and energy savings may differ from estimates.

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