Make your building project more energy efficient

The California Energy Design Assistance (CEDA) Program provides complimentary energy design assistance for new construction and major alterations for commercial, public, multifamily (4 stories and taller), industrial and agricultural projects.

CEDA's dedicated team of energy specialists listen to your project goals and customize energy efficiency options to maximize lifelong energy saving potential.

To learn more or apply, visit CEDA

Program participants receive the following complimentary services:

  • Customized energy modeling in real-time to simulate how energy will be used and evaluate energy efficiency options.
    NOTE: Modeling is for California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) savings claim and is distinct from Title 24 compliance modeling.
  • Project documentation for CPUC savings claims for incentives.
  • Technical Assistance implementing energy-saving strategies.

Program options

CEDA provides two different project paths to best meet customer needs. After discussing your project initiatives, we will provide all the details necessary for your team to decide which option is best.

CEDA mixed fuel provides a path for customers who want to have the option to use both gas and electricity.

  • Optimize gas and process heating systems to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Encourage facilities that can integrate with renewable generation, electric vehicle charging, and battery storage.

CEDA's all-electric path gives customers the ability to choose a track with no gas service.

  • Higher cash incentives to promote electric design.
  • Encourage facilities that can integrate with renewable generation, electric vehicle charging, and battery storage.

Eligibility requirements

  • New construction or a major alteration*
  • In design phases
  • Located in a PG&E, SCE, SoCalGas, or SDG&E service territory
  • Project team interest and committed to evaluating energy efficiency options
  • Pay / will pay the Public Purpose Program surcharge on the account where the EE measures will be installed

* Major alternations must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Changes in space function (building or space occupancy type of change)
  • Substantial changes (≥30%) in design occupancy (square feet per person)
  • Increase (≥10%) in conditioned floor area
  • Any expansion or addition of substantial process or conditioning load to an existing facility

Some design teams prefer to choose their own energy consultant to do technical assistance, modeling, and program paperwork and can still participate in CEDA Lite and be eligible for owner incentives as well as a technical assistance stipend based on the savings. CEDA Lite will be launched this winter.

The CEDA process in five easy steps

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You provide schematic information about your building through our Energy Design Assistance application.

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Preliminary Analysis

Together we perform real-time evaluation of energy-efficiency measures and bundle potential whole-building strategies for further analysis.

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Final Analysis

You determine the strategies bundle that best aligns with your project goals from which projected energy savings and utility incentives are determined.

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We confirm your project was constructed to plan and issue a final report for you and your utility provider.

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Incentives will be issued for the measures implemented in your project.