Earn customized incentives for your business

Save energy and money with PG&E energy-efficiency programs. Install high-efficiency equipment and systems to help reduce your peak demand in kilowatts (kW) and annual energy use (kWh and therm) and receive cash incentive payments.

Calculated Incentives Rates

To code / Standard practice




Above code / Standard practice




Normalized Meter Energy Consumption




*In the event the Project implements approved PG&E Automated Demand Response Program demand response components, the Project will be eligible to receive an additional $0.06/kWh IDSM incentive.

Learn about eligibility and project requirements

Find more information on the Automated Demand Response program


Examples of eligible projects and products


  • Chiller replacements
  • Additions of variable-speed drives
  • Boiler replacements


Section 1 of the procedures manual has additional examples.

Download the Statewide Customized Offering Procedures Manual for Business (PDF, 1.3 MB)


Total incentive payments are based on actual reductions in energy use. You or your consultants may sponsor projects with this approach. Contact PG&E before you start so that we can help you get the right application forms and confirm your eligibility. We can also give you advice on the technical aspects of your application and walk you through the process. PG&E finalizes your incentive amounts after approving your project. Your incentive amount may vary from the submitted amount.