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As an InterAct participant, you will have easy access to your electricity usage-in 15-minute increments—after it is uploaded from your electric interval meter each night. You can compare usage for one day to another, one week to another or another time period of your choice. You will also be able to see how changes in weather (temperature) affect your usage. Seeing when you use electricity, and how that compares in various ways, should give you the power to:


  • Make changes that reduce total use
  • Shift use from peak to off-peak hours
  • And otherwise save money on your electric bill.


The data should also help you figure out whether it makes sense for you to join a load reduction program and save even more.

InterAct is for the Large Commercial & Industrial customer who has an interval data meter with a maximum demand of 200 kW or greater for three consecutive months within the last 12 billing months or are participating in one of PG&E's Demand Response programs. To verify that your company qualifies for the InterAct web application, please contact your PG&E account representative or InterAct Support at 1-800-254-5810 (Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. PST), or email us at


How to Sign Up

It takes a few steps to sign up and get to where you can see and analyze your usage, but the steps are easy, and the result is definitely worth it!

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