Getting to know the process and benefits of InterAct

InterAct is the PG&E premier online energy-usage, analysis, reporting and curtailment-notification service.

Get deep insights with InterAct

Tap into the power of information every time you turn on your computer with InterAct. The service shows exactly how your business is using energy, which can help you:

  • Pinpoint problems
  • Compare current usage to historic patterns
  • Create and analyze difference setups
  • Make timely changes
  • Export data for reporting
  • Schedule reports to run routinely and be delivered to you via email
  • Save money on your bill
  • Manage your input in any PG&E Demand Response program


Using InterAct

InterAct alerts you of load curtailment events. The service allows you to analyze options and respond to calls for involvement in curtailment events. It also lets you monitor performance for each event.

InterAct shows 15-minute interval, hourly and daily energy-usage data that PG&E downloads from the meter on the previous night. You can use this information to help meet your energy goals through the full set of InterAct online tools.


Analyzing energy and cost

The InterAct Energy and Cost Analysis module provides graphs, charts, data visualization, statistics and data-export tools to help you:

  • Track your facility’s demand and usage.
  • View how each process in your business affects your overall energy use.
  • View and export your data.
  • Examine peak energy-demand levels for a day.
  • Schedule reports to be delivered to you via email.
  • View your pattern of energy use by hour, day, month or year.
  • Avoid peak demand and usage charges with knowledge of your aggregated demand and peak loads.


Managing curtailment

Curtailment Manager can help you optimize your Demand Response programs. When a curtailment event occurs, you can:

  • Receive an instant notice through e-page, FAX, phone call and/or email.
  • Accept or decline a curtailment notice with a mouse click.
  • Adjust procedures during an event by comparing your baseline usage with the previous day’s data.
  • View your actual load decrease after the event day.
  • Get a business solutions payment estimate.


Qualifying for InterAct

InterAct is for large commercial customers that have an interval data meter with a maximum demand of 200 kilowatts or more for three sequential months of the last 12 billing months. You also qualify if you are in a PG&E Demand Response program.

To verify that your company qualifies for the InterAct web application, please contact your PG&E account rep or InterAct Support at 1-800-254-5810. You can reach us Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. PT. You can also email us at


Signing up for InterAct

You can sign up for InterAct by visiting:

Contact us

If you forgot your user name or password, or need to update your information, contact InterAct Support at 1-800-254-5810. We’re available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. PT.

You can also email us at

You can also access our fact sheet about InterAct. Download InterAct Fact Sheet (PDF, 322 KB).