What is Automated Demand Response (ADR)?

Automated Demand Response is an easy way for your business to save energy and money no matter the industry. Automated Demand Response lets you automate the energy controls you choose.

You can:

  • Get up to 75 percent off start-up costs
  • Receive $200 incentive per kW for approved projects
  • Reach your sustainability goals through credits towards LEED, NetZero and more.

For more information on the application options and process download the program manual (PDF, 1.6 MB).

For a free assessment of how your business can lower energy use, call 1-855-866-2205 or email pge-adr@energy-solution.com.

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Success stories

Sara Neff profile shot“With the Automated Demand Response program incentives, we were able to improve operating flexibility at four facilities. The installed systems overlaid existing facility controls, and allowed for additional capabilities over our existing equipment.”

Sara Neff
Senior Vice President for Sustainability, Kilroy Realty

Dan Cummings profile shot“With so many pumps involved, capital costs were a concern. Funding from PG&E’s Automated Demand Response program allowed us to move the project forward and covered most of the equipment and installation costs.”

Dan Cummings
Chief Executive Officer, Capay Farms

Learn more about the Capay Farms success (PDF, 942 KB)

Dean Butler profile shot“PG&E’s Automated Demand Response incentive program made it possible to install automation equipment and major control system upgrades, which improved the flexibility of our operations.”

Dean Butler
Electrical Engineer, Berrenda Mesa Water District