What can battery storage do for your business?

If you are looking to manage energy costs, keep the power on during a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) or other type of outage, and harness the full benefit of your investment in solar energy, a battery storage system may be right for you.

Our battery storage-specific rate schedules and incentives further increase the value of an investment in battery storage for those who qualify. Visit the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP).

Understand the potential benefits

  • Bill Savings: If your business faces high demand charges, adding an energy storage system will allow you to strategically deploy stored energy to cap your peak demand and save money for your business. Discover PG&E's rate options for its customers who use distributed generation technologies. Learn about capped distribution rates.
  • Maximize your solar or renewable investment: Get the most out of your investment in rooftop solar by storing solar power during the day and deploying that clean energy during evening peak cost periods when it will save you the most on your electricity bill – while simultaneously benefitting the grid and the environment.
  • Backup power: Due to the growing risk of wildfires in California, and the need to shut power off for safety during periods of high fire risk, outages have the potential to last multiple days. Batteries can provide critical backup power for your business's essential devices and appliances. Your storage provider will help you assess how long a battery or a battery paired with solar, should be expected to last under backup power operation.

Understand the potential incentives

The SGIP provides upfront and performance-based incentives to your business for installing a battery storage system. For details on eligibility, current incentives rates and to find and SGIP approved developer, visit SGIP.

View the Getting Started section below and talk to a contractor to see if a battery storage system may help your business save.

Battery systems perform two main functions to increase your business’s control over electricity usage:

  • Charging: A battery storage system will store power generated by your business’s rooftop solar system, if you have one, or from the grid when electricity prices are lower. It can then be used at a later time. If an outage is imminent due to a storm or public safety power shutoff (PSPS), some storage providers are able to send your battery a signal to fully charge before the outage, in preparation for providing backup power.
  • Discharging: Your business can use the energy stored by your battery to power your business when the price of electricity from the grid is more expensive, at night when your solar system isn’t producing (if your business has solar), or during an outage when you need backup power. Commercial battery systems are often sold in two-hour or four-hour discharging capacities, however, the exact amount of time your battery could be discharged will depend on your business’s needs, budget, and the technology you deploy.

Rooftop solar panels on your property feed your storage batteries. The batteries then send power back to your property or to the PG&E grid.Opens in new Window.

Battery storage-specific rate modifiers are available that can improve opportunities for bill savings when used with a battery storage system. These rate modifiers are available on a limited basis. Please check the associated webpages for information about these modifiers and enrollment caps.

  • B1-ST: The B1-ST rate modifier adjusts the small business B1 rate to have a greater difference between peak and off-peak energy prices, increasing bill savings opportunities when you store off-peak energy to use during peak periods. Talk with a storage developer to see if the B1-ST rate modifier is right for your business. Learn more about our B1-ST rates.
  • Options S: The option S rate modifier adjusts rates B19, B19V and B20 to calculate a portion of your business’s demand charges on a daily, as opposed to monthly, basis. This allows your business to optimize the amount and duration of energy you pull from the grid and reduce your overall demand charges. Consult with your storage provider to see if you would benefit from battery storage couple with the Option S rate modifier. Learn more about our Option S rates.

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