Find out what you must submit to join our Core Gas Aggregation Service

Core Transport Agent (CTA) applicants must fill out and submit the following documents to PG&E in order to join our Core Gas Aggregation Service (CGAS). You can get details on submitting each of the necessary documents from your CTA account manager.

Submit the CGAS Agreement


To join our Core Gas Aggregation Service, you must fill out and submit the CGAS Agreement and related attachments. Download all of the required documents to begin CGAS. Visit Gas Aggregation Service Agreement and Attachments.


Get details on how to become a CTA and continue service with us, including details on the set-up process, billing process and continuing service as a CTA (gas nominations). Download Gas CTA Handbook (PDF, 506 KB).


Gas CTAs and electric service providers (ESPs) must fill out and submit a form to join Direct Access (DA) with us. Download Energy Service Provider Information (PDF, 4.96 KB).


Get Gas Transmission Service Agreement and exhibit documents


Complete the Gas Transmission Service Agreement that enables CTAs to receive monthly intrastate distribution services.

Download Electronic Data Interchange documents


Get Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) documentation related to technical requirements, transaction sets and contacts. View Electronic Data Interchange.


CTAs who offer consolidated CTA billing services must fill out and submit the EDI Trading Partner Agreement. Download Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Trading Partner Agreement (PDF, 43 KB).


Fill out the form to set up CTAs for electronic data exchange with PG&E using the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) protocol. Download PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY – EDI Trading Partner Setup Form (PDF, 4.82 KB).


Access California Gas Transmission documents


CTAs must fill out and submit the credit application and obtain credit approval from us before joining CGAS. Download Pacific Gas and Electric Company – California Gas Transmission Credit Application (PDF, 25.8 KB).


At times, CTAs are required to submit certain California Gas Transmission documents. Examples include the California Production Cumulative Imbalance Trading Form and Cumulative Imbalance Trading Form for Schedule G-BAL Service. Get information about these forms. Visit Reference / Library.

Get our meter-reading schedule

Get our meter-reading schedule

Meter readers need monthly access to meters. Check the schedule. Visit Meter-Reading Schedule.