Find out who’s qualified to access excess utility pole capacity

PG&E allows access to excess capacity in its utility pole infrastructure in accordance with the rules and requirements of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). Qualified companies (competitive local exchange carriers (CLECS) and Cable TV Corporations) may start the request for information and access to pole space process once they execute our master license agreement.

Download a master license agreement (PDF, 420 KB)

To complete an agreement, contact the Joint Utilities Department at

Review the information request and application processes

Please note: The following process does not include Commercial mobile radio service/antenna attachments. For such inquiries, visit our Pole Top Antenna Access page.

Once you’ve entered into a master license agreement with PG&E, follow these steps:

Learn about PG&E’s standards

Preparatory work performed prior to application submission and work performed upon application approval must meet General Order 95 Requirements and PG&E standards, per the Standard Overhead Master License Agreement. PG&E standards are subject to change.