Service Catalog

PG&E maintains a Service Catalog for suppliers who provide high-volume, low risk and low dollar services. For this type of procurement, PG&E sends a supplier a Purchase Order and a Catalog CWA (Contract Work Authorization) via email. The Catalog CWA contains the specific conditions and scope of work backing up the Purchase Order. The Service Catalog streamlines the contracting process by eliminating the need for Buyer action and by requiring acknowledgement of acceptance by the supplier.



  • PG&E decides which specific services and contracts are included in the Service Catalog
  • Suppliers must be able to receive email purchase orders
  • Suppliers must acknowledge acceptance of work by phone and email.


Supplier Benefits

  • Standard automatically-generated PG&E Purchase Orders
  • Ease of contracting, with facilitated compliance with PG&E contracts
  • Streamlined process