Discover resources for generating and selling unused power

Wholesale generators are customers who generate and sell unused power to the wholesale market through our distribution or transmission network. This page contains a necessary outline of the interconnection process and studies that can help you connect and sell your project's power to the grid.


Learn about the types of wholesale generation interconnection projects


Understand the federal and state regulations

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) are the agencies that provide regulation for energy markets. For any interconnection voltage or method of selling power, an Interconnection Agreement with PG&E is necessary to meet the regulations set forth by these agencies. Following are the reasons for the regulations:

  • Safety. All electrical generating systems are potentially dangerous if they are not operated properly. If your system connects to our electric grid, safeguards for protecting you, our personnel, other customers and the public must be in place.
  • Reliability. We’re dedicated to providing reliable power to our customers. If a fault or trip occurs on your generation system, we must be able to isolate the problem to ensure that we can continue to provide reliable service to our other customers.


Find education and other helpful resources

Our Electric Generation Interconnection (EGI) team offers guidance and education about the interconnection process to customers, contractors, developers and local governments. We can assist you in managing the process and help ensure a safe, reliable interconnection to our electrical system.

If you have questions about wholesale generation, email us at

For general inquiries about the interconnection process and timing, contact our Solar Service Center at 1-877-743-4112. The Solar Service Center can assist with all general questions.

If you have complaints about your interconnection project and are unable to resolve them with your Interconnection Manager, you can contact the PG&E-appointed Rule 21 Ombudsman, Michael Mulvey at 916-203-6459 or via email at