Energy storage represents one of the newer generator technologies in PG&E's service territory. Storage is considered a generator under Electric Rule 21 and is subject to interconnection procedures to ensure the safety and reliability of the electric system.


Energy storage generating facilities are not eligible for the Net Energy Metering (NEM) program, as the energy stored may not be from renewable sources. However, energy storage can be paired with a NEM system if applied for under NEM Multiple Tariff (NEMMT). See the information about interconnecting with one of the programs below.


As non-NEM eligible generators, energy storage may apply for Electric Rule 21 Non-Export, when installed in the following ways:

  • Stand-alone generator
  • With other non-exporting generators

NEM Multiple Tariff

Energy storage devices may be paired with NEM-eligible generators under the NEM Multiple Tariff, when:

  • Storage devices are treated as non-NEM generators for purposes of fees and metering.

NOTE: If the energy storage device has a rated power output greater than 10 kW AC, the device may be no larger than 150 percent of the total rating of the respective NEM-eligible generators.

The items required in order for PG&E to issue written permission to operate a generating facility, which includes energy storage, are the same as detailed under the respective programs:

  • Option S is a special rate modifier for customers with storage who are on B-19V, B-19 and B-20 rates. There is a 50MW cap on each rate schedule. Visit Option S cap tracker.

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