Find out if your project qualifies for a PG&E rebate

Follow the steps below to determine if your lighting or non-lighting project is eligible for a rebate.

Lighting eligibility

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Find your fixture

Find the fixture in the California IOU Lighting Qualified Products List.

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Locate the channel

Once you find the fixture, locate the corresponding channel under REBATE INFORMATION on the QPL listing.

elibility rebate info

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Follow the program rules

Follow the program rules for your corresponding channel.

Deemed: visit Get PG&E rebates for your business.
Calculated: visit PG&E energy-efficient programs.
Direct Install: visit Energy Watch Partnerships.
Distributor: visit PG&E distributor programs.

Non-lighting eligibility

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Select your catalog

Locate and download the appropriate rebate catalog.

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Find your product

Look up the project type in the table of contents.

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Review other options

If your project doesn’t meet deemed program requirements, it may qualify for a customized incentive program. Review the eligibility and project requirements for customized incentives.

If the project qualifies, have your customer contact the Business Customer Service Center at 800-468-4743.