Balance your monthly energy payments

If you want your energy statement charges to be about the same amount each month, or want to budget for energy costs and stay within range all year, check out the Balanced Payment Plan. The plan evens your monthly payments to avoid big spikes on your energy statements, even when your energy usage changes from one season to another.

Monthly cost with and without payment


Discover how the Balanced Payment Plan works

Following are Balanced Payment Plan details:


  • Small business customers on a PG&E A1, A6 or GNR1 rate schedule may qualify for the Balanced Payment Plan. Here’s how it works: Energy costs from the last 12 months average into a monthly payment amount. If your actual energy usage changes over 12 months, then your monthly payment adjusts once every four months.
  • After you enroll, the program takes effect on your next billing cycle.
  • You may enroll at no charge, and you can join or stop at any time.


Enroll today with easy sign-up options

Choose the sign-up option that works best for your business.


  • Sign in to your online account. Visit Your Account. Select Balanced Payment from the Payment Options menu to enroll.
  • If you don’t have an online account, complete the enrollment form. Visit Balanced Payment Plan—Enroll.
  • Call us at 1-800-743-5000.
  • Stop by a local office and speak with a customer service representative.
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Get details about the Balanced Payment Plan

View a plan brochure for more information. Download Stay on budget year-round with PG&E’s Balanced Payment Plan (PDF, 188 KB).


Get a customized Balanced Payment Plan estimate

Estimate your payments on the Balanced Payment Plan. Find out how. Visit Your Account.


View customer comments

"It's great for budgeting. We have been using the Balanced Payment Plan billing option for 10 years now and enjoy the consistency."

—Carol, Clayton, CA