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This page shows an outdated bill format. In August 2013, PG&E transitioned to a new energy statement format and retired the bill format shown here. The below format is no longer in use.

Learn more about the current statement format


Account Summary


  1. Account Number

    A new unique numeric customer account identifier. This account number will remain with a customer even if the customer relocates within the PG&E service territory. When you contact us, please provide us with this account number.

  2. Bill Date

    The "Bill Date" is the date the bill is processed.

  3. Telephone Assistance

    This is our main number, for fast, automated help or to speak to a customer service representative.

  4. Local Office Address

    The address of the utility office that serves your area.

  5. Special Account Information

    Notes about your account and any special programs you participate in. (i.e. Balanced Payment Plan (BPP)).

  6. Remittance Address

    Please send payment to this address.

  7. Service Dates

    The dates used to calculate a bill inclusive of both the "Bill From" and "Bill To" Date.

  8. Amount

    This is the cost of gas and/or electricity that you used during a billing period.

  9. Taxes

    Energy Commision Tax - A tax we collect for the state of California based on the electric use during a billing period. This tax is $0.00029 per kilowatt hour (kWh).

    Public Purpose Program Surcharge - If you are a gas customer, your bill includes a Gas Public Purpose Program (PPP) Surcharge, which is used to fund state-mandated gas assistance programs for low income customers, energy efficiency programs, and public-interest research and development.

    Utility Users Tax – A tax we collect for a city or county government. The tax (if any) is a percentage of your energy charges.

  10. Previous Balance

    The amount of your previous bill that is still unpaid.

  11. Payment(s)

    The payment amount(s) applied to your account since your last statement, and the dates we applied them.

  12. Total Amount Due

    The amount that you now owe, after we apply any taxes, adjustments and/or prior payments to your account.

  13. Due Date

    After this date, your payment would be past due.


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