Property managers and owners

PG&E provides specialized online support in managing energy usage and costs to owners or managers of rental properties.

View or pay your bill, start or stop services, review and manage energy use for your buildings, verify timely transition of billing to tenants or delegate responsibility for managing your properties—all quickly and easily online. Visit your portal:

Other Services

Our energy experts and technicians provide maintenance, services and advice to help you manage your properties and improve energy efficiency.

View Multiple Service Request Forms

Multiple service requests

Complete these online forms to request multiple transactions.

Learn More About Rebates & Incentives

Rebates & incentives

Energy efficient residential and commercial dwellings can qualify for money-back rewards.

Learn More About Bill Calculation for Mobile Home Parks

Bill calculation for Mobile Home Parks

If your park is being served by PG&E owned meters, we can create individual gas and electric bills for your tenants.