Save up to 80% on water heating costs

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Boost your bottom line while helping the environment. With solar water heating for your business, you can:


  • Cut your water heating costs by 50 percent - 80 percent.
  • Get the new higher rebate of up to $800,000*.
  • Take advantage of a 30 percent federal tax credit while you still can**.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and showcase your environmental leadership.
  • Make your business more sustainable with a system that lasts up to 25 years with little maintenance.

* Final rebate amount based on estimated savings as determined by your contractor.
** Must currently heat water with a natural gas water heater or boiler. You’re not eligible if you heat your water with electricity or propane.


Putting sunlight to work for you

Following are descriptions of how various solar water heating types work:


  • Solar collectors. A pump circulates a liquid to solar collectors on the roof to absorb the sun’s thermal heat.
  • Solar storage tank. Heated liquid is pumped into coils that warm the water in the solar storage tank.
  • Conventional water heater or boiler. Hot water flows into your existing boiler or water heater for backup heating as needed.

With solar-heated water, you have hot water every day, for typical domestic needs, such as heating a swimming pool or spa, or providing space heating or cooling. You can even use it in industrial processes that use heat.

Learn how your business can benefit

Visit the following resources to learn more about solar water heating for your business.

Download solar water heating e-book

Download the solar water heating e-book

Get an informational guide, a contractor checklist and case studies that show how other businesses have saved.

Explore solar water heating for your home

Explore solar water heating for your home

A solar water heating system can also be a great option for your residence. Consider factors such as the size of your home, number of occupants and other variables.

Solar water heating estimate

Find a Solar Water Heating contractor

Use our search tool to find an experienced solar water heating contractor in your area who can provide you with a free estimate.

Contractor Basics Program

View resources for contractors and do-it-yourself installers

Find the information you need to participate in the California Solar Initiative program.