Selecting a program vendor

PG&E offers a list of approved program vendors, depending on whether participants select the EV Charge Owner option or the EV Charge Sponsor option. The full list is available to EV Charge Owners; a selected subset of these options will be available to EV Charge Sponsors.

The vendors will differ on charger models, software, costs and manufacturer details. PG&E does not offer preferences or recommendations for any of the approved program vendors. Further, program participants are responsible for determining the suitability of these products and services for their facilities and will enter into purchase contracts directly with their selected vendors.  PG&E makes no representations regarding manufacturers, dealers, contractors, materials or workmanship of the products offered by these vendors, and is not liable for the quality and safety of such products.

Andromeda Power LLC

A charging station

     Company website:

     Contact: August Koster,, 714-408-1901

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturer: Andromeda Power, LLC

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) management provider: Andromeda Power, LLC

At Andromeda Power we make the world’s smart mobility a practical opportunity for everyone. Creating solutions for optimal fast charging anytime, anywhere, from any energy source.


ORCA Incisive are Electric Vehicle Chargers capable of Demand Response (DR). Incisive is offered in two models: Zen (Wall Mount) and Strada (Bollard Mount), suitable for residential and commercial indoor and outdoor locations.


Zen and Strada perform Level 2 SAE-J1772 charging (208-240 VAC) up to 80 AMPS with communication capabilities to report on transactional data and participate in DR events.


Zen and Strada embed 4G/LTE technology and use OCPP1.6 protocol to communicate with the cloud Central Station. The OpenADR certified cloud VEN communicates with the Power Utilities to participate in DR Programs.


Zen and Strada meet safety, functional, and efficiency requirements based on codes, standards, and recommended practice. They are networked through the cloud software ORCA-NET in real time 24/7. ORCA-NET enables remote diagnostics, firmware updates, charger configuration, access control, session logs, charger aggregation, demand response participation, and more features are constantly added.



  • Demand Response enabled with Energy Measurement.
  • LCD display with intuitive user interface.
  • ORCA NET cloud back office.
  • Access control.
  • Perfect for home and commercial use.

BTCPower (Broadband Telcom Power, Inc.)

A charging station

     Company website:

     Contact: Don Jarecki,, 847-374-8840

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturer: Broadband Telcom Power, Inc.

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) management provider: EV Connect

BTCPower is a Southern California based Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturer and related systems developer. BTCPower designs, manufactures, installs and maintains it’s commercial EVSE products under the EV Pump® brand and includes a full EVSE product array including Level 1, Level 2, and is one of the largest Level 3 DC Fast Charger (DCFC) manufacturers based in North America.


BTCPower is one of the only comprehensive EVSE manufacturers in the U.S. offering in-house custom designed solutions, proprietary manufacturing, installation, maintenance, warranty servicing/repair, device monitoring and dispatch services. Every aspect of an EV charging operation is internalized at BTCPower so you are only dealing with one company for all your charging and, most importantly, EVSE servicing needs. Since BTCPower has its own field service technicians we offer the quickest onsite response of any EVSE manufacturer, maximizing uptime and availability.


BTCPower offers customers the more flexibility and options than any other EVSE manufacturer, all designed to save money over the course of the EV Charging Station lifecycle. Once we design a program that meets your specific needs, our project specialists will review the entire program with you, and make sure your EVSE implementation goes smooth from beginning to end.





A charging station

     Company website:

     Contact: Spencer Crim,, 669-237-3420

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturer: ChargePoint

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) management provider: ChargePoint


ChargePoint is the only charging technology company on the market that designs, develops and manufactures hardware and software solutions across every use case.


ChargePoint charging stations use cutting-edge hardware technology that’s rigorously tested to be safe and reliable. While our stations are rugged and built to withstand the elements, they also are designed to be driver-friendly, offering a premium charging experience.


ChargePoint stations are part of a complete solution that includes 24/7 driver support, cloud-based software with features and plans for every industry and world-class service and maintenance.


CT4000 Technical Guidance:

  • ENERGY STAR certified
  • 208/240V 30A, single and dual port options
  • Gateway and non-gateway models. Gateway station has integrated cellular modem (no external gateway required).
  • 18’ cable, cable management is standard
  • Wall mount and pedestal mount options
  • Payment handling is supported


The CT4000 products are grouped together into radio groups, consisting of one or more charging stations located in the same area with at least one gateway device (CT4000-GW). Each gateway supports up to 9 non-gateway charging stations in the same radio group. The non-gateway stations must be located within 150 feet and line-of-sight to the gateway device.



EV Connect


A charging station

     Company website:

     Contact: Jaime Duyck,, 971-373-3461

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturer: EV-Box; BTCPower; AeroVironment

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) management provider: EV Connect


EV Connect is a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for commercial, hospitality, educational and government facilities.


EV Connect developed and operates the world’s most open, robust and flexible cloud-based platform for managing the electric vehicle ecosystem which provides a unified experience for drivers, hosts, and utilities to seamlessly manage EV charging across multiple charge station types and manufacturers.


EV Connect provides its customers full control of the charging experience including management of access, pricing, utilization, drivers, energy, and much more. EV Connect also offers the option to have a hands-off experience where charging management is borne by EV Connect.


EV Connect’s mobile app empowers drivers to gain real-time charging visibility including activity, locations, access, and payments at EV Connect locations. EV Connect provides a 24/7/365 California-based driver experience center so drivers know they are always supported.


Through the PG&E program, customers have several station options including models from BTC Power, EV-Box and AeroVironment; and access to EV Connect’s unique workplace and multi-unit dwelling functionality and services.


Join Fortune 500s, leading real estate firms, local governments, and major utilities from across North America who have chosen to work with EV Connect’s industry leading cloud platform.



EV-Box North America


A charging station

     Company website:

     Contact:, 631-229-6435

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturer: EV-Box North America

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) management provider: EV Connect; Greenlots


EVBox is the largest provider of level 2 charging stations worldwide. With over 50,000 units installed the main reason for our success is that we provide, reliable open standards-based EV charging stations, with smart charging functionality for a mid-market price. EVBox has a strong focus on the customer, our Businessline charging station comes in 6 standard colors. Either matching it to your corporate identity or making sure it blends in with the surroundings. Can't find a color you like, we also do custom colors. While our design is focused on the modern day EV driver, our smart charging technology reduces installation and operational cost, while also being capable of participating in demand response events. This best of both world approach keep EV drivers and facility managers happy. We work with several of the larger US network service providers that give you access, reporting, billing and demand response revenue opportunities for your charging stations. EVBox was founded in 2010 and we have supplied mayor cities and customers. For instance, the City of Amsterdam where we have over 4000 charging stations installed with an uptime of 99.5%. Join the rEvolution! Drive Electric Charge Everywhere.



EVoCharge LLC


EVoCharge logo

     Company website:

     Contact:, 800-930-9450

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturer: EVoCharge, Inc.

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) management provider: Gridscape Solutions, Inc.

EVoCharge, Inc., a U.S. company based in Los Angeles, California, is comprised of Electric Vehicle and Automotive Industry enthusiasts who are committed to providing the best products and services to our Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure Customers.


Founded in 2009, EVoCharge is one of North America’s original Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure providers and is an experienced multinational innovator, developer, manufacturer and supplier of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and industry-leading EVoReel® cable management solutions & products.


The EVoCharge Model # EVO30, J1772 AC Level 2, 30A EVoReel® iEVSE® charging station products are certified for both outdoor and indoor use and are available in single and dual port pedestal (bollard) mounted configurations as well as a wall and overhead mount configurations.


The EVoReel charging station products advance the charging experience for both user and charging station owner by delivering effective cable management thus removing unsightly cords from off the ground (O&M concern) and reducing tripping hazards (liability concern). Furthermore, the EVoReel delivers an industry-leading 30-foot electric vehicle charge cable, providing up to 60 feet of charge cable span (reach) with the dual output (port) pedestal mount product configuration.





A charging station

     Company website:

     Contact: Brett Sisson,, 860-681-9363

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturer: EVSE LLC

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) management provider: Greenlots

EVSE LLC is a subsidiary of Control Module Inc. (CMI), an electronics engineering firm, was founded in 1969 ( CMI has provided global Fortune 500 firms with innovative technologies that solve operational challenges in the areas of time management, fleet management and EVSE technology. EVSE LLC installed its first EV charger in 2009 and has established itself as an innovator serving utilities, municipalities, federal and state agencies, and the private sector. Past EV charger deployments include SCE, LAPD, Burbank Water & Power, LA Bureau of Street Lighting, Yale, and UCONN. The Level 2 commercial grade, networked EV chargers offered in this program will be our Model 3703 and 3704 which can be wall or pedestal mounted. The 3703 is our basic EV charger with optional retract ability. The 3704 is our Autocoil unit which will dispense the cable to a desired length and then automatically retracts the cable back into its housing when unplugged from the vehicle. This feature protects the cable from wear & tear, vandalism, and potential trip and fall accidents. Both charger types can be outfitted with a Gateway or Payment Module for mobile, OnSite Credit Card, and RFID authorizations with control and monitoring provided by GREENLOTS.





Greenlots logo

     Company website:

     Contact: Jordan Baroody,, 310-256-2183

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturer: EV-Box; Delta; SemaConnect, Inc; Aerovironment

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) management provider: Greenlots

Greenlots is a global provider of turnkey EV solutions. Its award-winning SKY Smart Charging™ platform enables electric mobility for utility programs, smart cities, and automotive firms across the globe.


From offices in the heart of PG&E territory, Greenlots provides participants in PG&E's EV Charge Network with easy, intuitive, connected EV charging solutions.


With advanced, reliable, and innovative solutions from SemaConnect, Aerovironment, EV-Box, and Delta, Greenlots makes it easy for apartments, condominium complexes, and workplaces to offer advanced on-site charging to EV owners, retaining and attracting valuable tenants.


Greenlots solutions feature intuitive online experiences and outstanding customer support in over 150 languages from our U.S.-based call center. Building owners and property managers get maximum choice of charging stations, flexible ways to manage and control electricity use, and powerful options for fleet managers.


Greenlots EV charging stations through PG&E help clients add a high-demand amenity while positioning their company in a positive light and supporting the EV transformation.



Kitu Systems


A charging station

     Company website:

     Contact: Vincent Weyl,, 619-569-2227

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturer: Aerovironment; BTC Power

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) management provider: AT&T via Kitu Systems, Inc.

Kitu Systems, based in San Diego, CA, is a global leader in smart energy platforms and services. Our solutions help utility companies, enterprises, and residential customers make the most of clean energy resources.


Kitu Systems Electric Vehicle Service Packages offer a unique, cost-effective combination of durable, high-performing charging stations and user-friendly interfaces for drivers and site owners. By deploying Kitu Systems’ solution, site owners provide an easy and reliable driver experience to their employees, guests, or customers. Access control and payment systems offer a broad range of options to enforce access policies and monetize their installation for a faster return on investment.


Kitu Systems EVSPs are designed to give site owners total peace of mind. All equipment and on-site services come with a three-year warranty. Friendly customer service is available 24x7. Software and applications are packaged as a cloud service for maximum uptime and reliability, allowing free updates and feature upgrades throughout the lifetime of the service. Optional driver payments are processed securely through a third party, so no payment or sensitive user information is ever collected.


Kitu Systems is the right partner for your EV Charging needs. For more information or to request a quote, contact us at



Liberty Plug-Ins


A charging station

     Company website:

     Contact: Forest Williams,, 818-216-5776

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturer: Aerovironment

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) management provider: Liberty Plugins

The Liberty PlugIns’ HYDRA-R is a low-cost EV control device designed specifically for business owners and property managers who wish to add an EV charging system for their employees and tenants. Unlike public “gas pump” style EV chargers, the HYDRA Control Unit (HCU) contains the access control, data recording, energy management and communications components and controls up to ten (10) inexpensive basic Level 1 or Level 2 chargers. This approach saves owners substantial amounts of money because:


  • A modular design – you start with a few chargers then add more as you need them
  • Basic chargers are more reliable
  • HYDRA uses a simple numeric access control system – no keys, tokens or cards to issue
  • The owner controls all aspects including the pricing
  • Our load management feature allows owners to set limits during peak usage periods
  • We have optional Billing Services to recover expenses


Large for-profit EV charging networks serving thousands of customers are expensive to operate, requiring hundreds of technicians and customer support people. Liberty PlugIns is an access control technology company dedicated to creating sustainable and cost effective EV charging infrastructure at workplaces and residential multi-unit dwellings. After all, these are your employees and tenants, not your customers!



Oxygen Initiative


A charging station

     Company website:

     Contact: Christiaan van Nispen,, 949-609-9150

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturer: BTC Power

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) management provider: Oxygen Initiative

Oxygen Initiative ( is redefining the electric vehicle experience by developing seamless plug-and-play solutions for all EV charging needs. We are dedicated to accelerating a revolution-scale movement toward clean, efficient, and renewable transportation.


Oxygen Initiative offers both single outlet and dual outlet wall-mount and ground-mount pedestal Level 2 (208/240V) electric vehicle charging units. Each unit is equipped with a cellular modem for reliable communications to the Oxygen Platform, a cyber-secure cloud-based management and billing system for electric vehicle infrastructure.


The Oxygen Platform allows site hosts to easily and flexibly manage EV driver access to each charging station, set and modify access parameters per location as needed, and seamlessly track and collect usage fees from individual users. EV drivers are able to activate charge sessions via Oxygen’s industry-leading mobile app as well as standard network RFID card.





A charging station

     Company website:

     Contact: Don MacNeil,, 508-962-1859

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturer: SemaConnect, Inc

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) management provider: SemaConnect, Inc

SemaConnect is the leading provider of electric vehicle amenities to the North American commercial and residential property market. A complete EV support partner, SemaConnect delivers a modern property experience through innovative, elegantly designed, smart charging stations and a robust and open network. SemaConnect has helped maximize property value through thousands of successful Class A deployments since its founding in 2008, for companies like CBRE, JLL, Hines, Greystar, Cisco Systems, and Standard Parking. SemaConnect remains the preferred charging solutions partner to municipal, parking, multifamily, hotel, office and retail customers across the United States and Canada.


To learn more about SemaConnect smart EV charging stations visit:



Shell New Energies


A charging station

     Company website: Available soon

     Contact: Phillip Villagomez,, 619-471-5943

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturer: Siemens AG; Leviton Manufacturing Co; Liberty Plugins; Aerovironment

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) management provider: Shell New Energy

Shell is proud to introduce our Recharge Plus smart managed charging system which minimizes Electric Vehicle charging costs by leveraging the flexibility inherent to EV charging. Shell Recharge Plus manages EV charging based on drivers and fleet operators’ charging needs and is controlled by our Mobile App and Web Portal. Our system minimizes incremental additions to peak load, thereby reducing demand costs for EV charging locations. Shell is proud to offer a full-service solution for EV charging, featuring chargers equipped with network capability provided by secure, shared external communications gateways. Shell is focused on accelerating the growth of EV charging services in workplaces and multi-unit dwelling settings that offer public or controlled access for drivers. Shell offers wall-mount and ground-mount hardware options. When ground mount equipment is used, our pedestals can hold multiple chargers, thereby providing savings and flexibility. Shell supports the Recharge Plus program from our offices in San Francisco where we focus on the entire PG&E service territory. Shell maintains a strong, long-standing tradition of quality service and support to a wide range of vehicles and fueling infrastructure. We look forward to the opportunity to continue our 100-year-plus history, by helping Electric Vehicle drivers minimize their charging costs.



Tellus Power Inc.


A charging station

     Company website:

     Contact: Tony Janicki,, 949-502-1020

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturer: Tellus Power Inc.

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) management provider: Tellus Power Inc.

Tellus manufactures the industry’s toughest-built, low-cost of operation networked electric vehicle charging stations. Built rugged like a parking meter with long-lasting ¼-inch marine grade corrosion-resistant aluminum housing, future-proofed modular construction, and a sleek, small footprint. Available in single port, dual port, pedestal mount, or wall mount. No bollards required - Tellus pedestal housings can be filled with concrete eliminating safety bollards, saving Site Hosts $500-$800 per installation.


Tellus offers fast, easy-to-use activation via a driver’s cell phone number, key fob, or 1Pocket mobile app. Tellus provides Free 1st year network service. The Tellus network provides secure, reliable 24/7 support and station monitoring. Site Hosts can change charging session rates, control charging station operation, and receive real-time downloadable station reports via the Tellus online portal. Tellus charging stations are equipped with a LCD display. Optional high-strength retractable cord systems are available with 320° swivel head and 18’-25’ reach. Tellus EV charging stations are made in USA.





Verdek logo

     Company website:

     Contact: Guy Mannino,, 203-421-6477

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturer: ChargePoint

     Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) management provider: ChargePoint



Verdek LLC was founded in 2008 by Guy Mannino the former CEO of Pirelli Tire North America. We promote infrastructure for alternative transportation such as electric and CNG vehicles. Verdek offers a full range of EV chargers, CNG compressors, LNG mini plants and Biogas processing equipment.


Verdek offers turnkey solutions with state-of-the-art ChargePoint charging stations.


Verdek has an extensive experience with ChargePoint as part of various EV project providing and installing thousands of charging stations across the country.




Verdek is a pioneer in the EVSE industry and has worked nationwide with a variety of different companies and government agencies. Here are some of our major customers:


  • Utilities: NV Energy, Southern Nevada Water Authority, Austin Energy, CPS Energy, CenterPoint, Salt River Project, Arizona Public Service, Chesapeake Energy.
  • Work places: AT&T, Whole Foods, AMD, Boeing, Raytheon, Avnet, Verizon, Ryder, Camden Living, Southwest Airlines, MGM
  • Education: Harvard, LSU, University of Texas, Truckee Meadow Community College, University of Colorado, University of Nevada Reno, University of Nevada Las Vegas, University of Arkansas, Texas A&M, University of Arkansas, Clinton Library, Tulane, Mississippi State
  • Government Agencies: CDC, VA Hospital, Department of Defense, NAVFAC


Please visit us at

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