Net Energy Metering Multiple Tariff (NEMMT)


Net Energy Metering Multiple Tariff (NEMMT) is a Net Energy Metering (NEM) program for a customer who operates a NEM-eligible generator in conjunction with a non-export or NEM fuel cell generator. This program allows a customer to interconnect these technologies with PG&E's electric grid at one service point, using one account, and still qualify for the special rate options that would be available if each technology were interconnected and billed separately. Criteria for NEMMT includes:

  • The maximum generator size is 1 megawatt (MW) for NEM portion.
  • There is no maximum size for the non-NEM portion above 1MW.
  • The account must be on a time-of-use rate (TOU) schedule.
  • A customer's generating technologies may include any combination of generators, as long as at least one is a generator that qualifies for one of the NEM programs.
  • Customer does not sell the power generated using PG&E's or California Independent System Operator's (CAISO) equipment.