Prepare for planned outages and emergencies with our portable gas solutions

Our portable natural gas equipment has provided temporary support during winter peak load. Our Peak Shaving Program allows us to provide compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas service to your business for planned outages and emergencies.

Choose the PG&E Peak Shaving Program

When you choose our Peak Shaving Program, you can rely on PG&E experts who:

  • Know the ins and outs of gas transmission and operations
  • Are trained to use the equipment in numerous applications
  • Have established the trust and confidence of many pipeline operators and large non-core customers

If you have a planned outage or emergency, we can inject compressed natural gas or liquefied natural gas into your pipeline so that your customers can avoid gas supply disruption.


Discover the benefits of our Peak Shaving Program

Following are benefits of our portable natural gas service:

  • Quick response to unexpected loss of your gas supply
  • Scheduled maintenance that doesn’t affect your customers
  • Ability to maintain your pipeline capacity without adding on
  • Cost savings from eliminating the need to relight the gas on customers’ properties, which typically costs $75-85 per home
  • Shorter supply interruptions


Use our program to plan positively

Our portable equipment service enables you to:

  • Plan outages
  • Provide emergency response
  • Plan back-up supply
  • Distribute pipeline uprate
  • Provide full customer support