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Energy plays a role in the cost of doing business

If you’re planning to start a new business or relocate or expand an existing business, our services can help you succeed.

Economic development rate

Your business may qualify for either a 12 percent or 30 percent reduction in your electric rates. The rates are for businesses with high-energy loads that otherwise would not remain, expand or locate their operations in the state.

Learn more about the Economic Development Rate

  • Site Location Services. Find information on locations you are considering for your business using our economic development site map, which will provide demographics, community profiles, and electric and gas service information based on an address or a geographic boundary.

    Check out Site Location Services.
  • Local partnerships. Join our network of more than 50 local, regional and statewide economic development organizations. These organizations can help answer questions about site selection, permits, real estate costs, financing and taxes, and direct you to other programs that could benefit your business.

    Find organizations near you. Visit Local Economic Development Partnerships.

Explore our energy-saving solutions

We offer a number of programs to help make your business more energy efficient and cost-effective:

Visit Savings By Design (SBD) Resources for Energy-Efficient New

Find resources to make your new building more energy efficient.

Visit Energy Efficiency Financing

Explore zero-interest financing for businesses.

Visit Demand Response

Find programs to help you reduce energy use and save money.

Visit Core Transport Agent Resource Center

Learn about PG&E's Solar Choice program