Direct Access (DA) Lottery Process

Direct Access service is currently capped at the authorized maximum annual total giga-watt hours.

2019 Wait List
PG&E will be accepting Six Month Notices to Transfer to Direct Access Service (Forms No. 79-1117 and 79-1095, if applicable) from 9 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) June 11, 2018, until 5 p.m. PDT June 15, 2018. All accepted Six Month Notices will be entered into a lottery to determine their random numerical position on the 2019 Wait List for any load that becomes available.


How it works

If Direct Access load becomes available, customers on the 2019 Wait List (those who entered in the 2018 DA Lottery) may begin switching to DA Service in January 2019. Should DA load continue to be available under the Overall DA Load Cap, and depending on their 2019 Wait List position, customers may be eligible to switch to DA Service through December 2019.



PG&E's forms are now available in a fillable PDF format, which allows you to fill out the required fields directly into the form using your computer. Be sure to save your form before you start. When you're done you can then print your completed form(s), sign as required and submit the form(s).

Download Six Month Notice to Transfer to Direct Access (PDF, 249 KB) (Form 79-1117)
NOTE: PG&E will only be accepting the April 2016 version of the Six Month Notice to Transfer to Direct Access.

Download Authorization to Receive Customer Information or Act Upon a Customer's Behalf (PDF, 393 KB) (Form 79-1095)
Only submit if applicable.


Instructions to complete form(s)

Customers or an authorized third party provider may submit Six Month Notices during the five business days beginning 9 a.m. PDT June 11, 2018, and ending 5 p.m. PDT June 15, 2018. All forms still require hand written signatures. We will not accept electronic signatures at this time.

Completing the Six Month Notice to Transfer to Direct Access (Forms 79-1117 and 79-1095)

  • Review your form(s) and ensure all your changes were saved, before submitting a fillable PDF form.
  • Ensure your form includes the following information
    1. Full customer name as it appears on PG&E billing account
    2. Active Electric Service Agreement Identification Numbers (SA ID). Note: SA IDs can only be for a single Customer Name
    3. Service address
    4. Customer email address
    5. Handwritten signature
    6. Date
    7. If your application requires additional service agreements to be listed, you can use an electronic spreadsheet in lieu of Attachment A.
      Download a Spreadsheet Sample (XLS, 29 KB)
  • If your Six Month Notice is being submitted by a third party (i.e., consultant or Energy Service Provider), please complete Form 79-1095
    1. Fill out this form in its entirety
    2. Check box option #6 (required)
    3. If your application requires additional service agreements to be listed, you can use an electronic spreadsheet in lieu of Attachment A.
      Download a Spreadsheet Sample (XLS, 29 KB).


Submitting completed forms

  • Submit only one email per customer with all of your completed form(s) to
  • Duplicate Six Month Notices covering the same accounts will be discarded
  • Ensure your subject line follows the format below:
    [Customer Name] 6 Month Notice [Submitter] ([#] of SA IDs)
  • Submissions should arrive on or after 9 a.m. PDT on June 11, 2018, but no later than 5 p.m. PDT on June 15, 2018. Any submissions received outside of these dates and time will be discarded.


What to expect after submission

  1. You will receive an auto-response from the mailbox.
    • The auto-response message does not mean that the Six Month Notice and any supporting documents were accepted by PG&E.
    • The auto-response message does mean that PG&E received your submission. Please DO NOT send additional duplicate Six-Month Notices once the auto-response is received.
    • If you do not receive an auto-response email acknowledgement of receipt within 30 minutes of submittal, please contact PG&E's Third Party Relations Team at 415-973-6479.
  2. If PG&E receives duplicate submissions, the initial submission will be accepted and all subsequent submissions will be rejected.
  3. If PG&E finds incorrect information in the Six Month Notice or Customer Authorization Form, we will contact the submitter to make the correction. The submitter will have 5-business days (the review period) from PG&E's notification to respond with the corrected information. If no response is received within the 5-business day window, the submitted forms containing the incorrect information will be rejected, and the submitter will be notified by email.
  4. At the conclusion of the review period, and after all deficiencies have been corrected, PG&E will utilize a "randomizer" tool to assign a random "lottery" number to each eligible Six Month Notice.
  5. Submitters of Six Month Notices will be notified electronically by August 13, 2018, of their 2019 Wait List number.
  6. Per the CPUC, if DA load becomes available, customers on the Wait List may begin switching service depending on their Wait List number and how much load is available, PG&E would notify a customer at least 45 days in advance of the earliest date to switch to DA service.

Frequently Asked Questions