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Rethink HVAC: Contractor's Perspectives


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Adding value for your customers with HVAC Commercial Quality Maintenance

Appropriately scheduled HVAC Commercial Quality Maintenance saves money for business owners, managers and tenants and reduces downtime from equipment failures and repairs. Maintenance can help avoid the cost of replacing an HVAC unit, which can be more than $5,000. It also benefits employees and customers by providing a productive and comfortable interior environment.

The HVAC Commercial Quality Maintenance Program can help improve energy efficiency by helping to ensure that HVAC upkeep meets national standards. Property owners can set three-year HVAC quality maintenance schedules and offset much of that cost with PG&E incentives.

Get valuable quality maintenance info. Download PG&E’s Commercial HVAC Quality Maintenance Program (PDF, 163 KB).


Here’s how the program works for building owners and managers:

  1. A contractor assesses the condition of all HVAC units.
  2. The contractor and client agree on an HVAC Commercial Quality Maintenance Program plan.
  3. The contractor performs a baseline tune-up to bring the system up to national standards.
  4. Building owners earn up to $3,836 per HVAC unit in PG&E incentives for a three-year Quality Maintenance program that keeps the system in peak condition.


Grow your revenue by helping customers save energy and money

PG&E offers participating contractors $50 per HVAC unit for an initial assessment. Participating contractors can also receive up to $1,375 per unit in a one-time payment for bringing HVAC units into compliance with national standards. This means that HVAC Commercial Quality Maintenance Program contractors can earn up to $210,000 per year in rebates and with our business solutions.


Become a qualified participating contractor

PG&E offers contractors a free educational series that covers industry standards and includes practical advice for working with your clients on HVAC Quality Maintenance Program. After approval, you're added to our online list of HVAC Quality Maintenance contractors. Apply online for the program. Visit PG&E Commercial HVAC Quality Maintenance Program. You can also call 1-888-265-0057.