Frequently asked questions

You must be a PG&E customer on an eligible rate schedule, bundled Community Choice Aggregators (CCA) or direct access, and your facility must have an interval meter to qualify for Demand Response (DR). PG&E offers DR programs for large, medium and small customers.

Your facility must have an interval electric meter that can be read remotely by PG&E. The rules vary by program. Under all programs, bundled customers with demands of 200 kW or greater for three consecutive months in the past 12 months are eligible to have an interval meter installed at no cost. Some programs, like Base Interruptible Program (BIP), provide bundled customers with demands of 100 kW with a no cost interval meter. Generally, direct access customers are responsible for the cost of an interval meter. See program tariff for additional details.

At this time you can sign up online for the following programs by using PG&E's online enrollment system:

  • Demand Bidding Program
  • Schedule Load Reduction Program
  • Base Interruptible Program

Please have your PG&E bill with you so that you can easily find your account information. Using your PG&E Account Number, you'll create a user name and password. All your Service Agreement IDs will automatically link to the user name so that you can select the ones that are eligible to enroll in Demand Response right on the online screens. You can return to the enrollment website to check on the status of your application. For more information review the Online Enrollment Manual (PDF, 1.82 MB).

If you have questions or need information about enrolling in the Peak Day Pricing (PDP) plan, please contact your PG&E account representative, or call the PDP information line at 1-800-987-4923.

To enroll in an aggregator program, please contact the Aggregator Managed Portfolio or Capacity Bidding Program aggregators directly.

The best way to monitor the effects of an Event Day is to rely on feedback from the facility's occupants. Their feedback will help you determine what is working and what may no longer be applicable to their environment.

Also, set realistic goals. For example, it is not necessary to turn off all the lights or turn off the air conditioning. Small reductions help as well.

It is important to get a system-wide email out to the occupants so they know there is an event happening. The more advance notice you can give the better, but a reminder email just before the event is a good idea as well. This is critical for facilities that rely on the occupants as much as the facility managers and engineers on an Event Day.

Demand response participants login to InterAct, which is PG&E's online energy usage, analysis, reporting and curtailment notification system.

You may receive notification by email, phone, text or fax. The advanced notification depends on which program you are in and which options you have selected.

The Demand Response programs have different requirements for load reductions during declared events. Consequences of not participating or not dropping load can range from no impact if you are in a voluntary program to financial penalties that offset any rate savings in mandatory programs.

Since 2006, companies participating in PG&E's Demand Response programs have collectively received over $100 million in incentives.

For questions about our Demand Response programs and eligibility criteria, visit the Demand Response page or contact your local PG&E account representative.

If you have difficulties while using our online enrollment site, call 1-800-254-5810 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, or send an email for a next-day reply.