Capacity Bidding Program (CBP) overview

Make a bid to use less energy with CBP

This monthly reward encourages your business to reduce its energy use by an amount you agree to when it reaches a defined threshold.


Compare program benefits

When you participate in CBP, you get:

  • Freedom to decide each month if you want to commit to reducing your load
  • Aggregator-designed acquisition, marketing, sales and retention programs for your business
  • Either Day-Ahead or Day-Of Curtailment options
  • Pay based on your agreement with your aggregator


View eligibility requirements

To participate in CBP, you must:

  • Have an interval meter (MV90 or SmartMeter™)
  • Be on a commercial, industrial or agricultural rate schedule
  • Be a Bundled, Direct Access (DA), Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), Partial Standby, Net Metered or Auto Demand Response (ADR) customer

You aren’t eligible if you:

  • Receive electric power from WAPA or other third parties that are not DA or CCA
  • Are a Full-Standby customer
  • Are on a residential rate schedule
  • Are on NEMCCSF rate schedule

Get a list of participating aggregators and more program information, such as how to enroll in CBP. Visit Capacity Bidding Program (CBP).