The SmartAC program is no longer accepting new enrollments for businesses. If interested, you may be able to enroll your home in this program.

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SmartAC community members are over 100,000 strong and growing. The success of our program, and the ability to help businesses and homes throughout California avoid power interruptions, is due to members like you.

Here's how the program works - In the summer, hundreds of thousands of air conditioners (AC) operating at the same time can sometimes push California's electrical system beyond capacity. These circumstances could result in a power interruption due to a state or local energy supply emergency. If this happens, an event will be called and the SmartAC program will cycle participating air conditioners during these occasional peaks to help prevent power interruptions.

When the system is activated, the temperature in your business will never be raised more than four degrees.* Because it's automatic, you don't have to do anything and most customers don't even notice when it happens. The best part is if an event is called at an inconvenient time, you can decline to participate for the day, without penalty.**

Below are some tools we want to make sure you have available to you.

First, if you have ANY issues with your AC, be sure to call us first at 1-866-908-4916 so we can troubleshoot the issue over the phone. If necessary, our technicians will visit your business free of charge to determine if there is a problem with your SmartAC device or if it's time to call your HVAC contractor.

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Or call 1-866-908-4916 so a representative can walk you through it.

Call Center Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m.-8 p.m. and Saturday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. After hours - automatic paging of a service technician.

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*The signal sent by PG&E on event days will not raise the thermostat setting more than four degrees. Actual temperature increases with the technology may vary.
**The ability to opt out for the day may not be available in the event of an extreme emergency.

SmartAC Manager

SmartAC Manager

Check the status of your device and manage your event day participation.

SmartAC tech support

SmartAC tech support

Free 24/7 technical support for SmartAC participants.
Just call 1-866-908-4916 or simply send us an email.