The SmartAC program is no longer accepting new enrollments for businesses. If interested, you may be able to enroll your home in this program.

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Do I Have a SmartAC Device?

Are you curious if you have a SmartAC device installed at your property? It's possible there might be a SmartAC device from a prior tenant/owner installed. To determine whether a SmartAC device is installed, examine both your thermostat and your air conditioner unit. Look for either a thermostat with the PG&E logo or a switch device; see below for pictures and more details. The SmartAC Program is no longer accepting new business customer participants. Please call 1-866-908-4916 to have the device de-activated or removed.

SmartAC thermostat

When examining your thermostat, look for a PG&E logo above the screen at the top.

SmartAC switch

When examining your air conditioner, look for a box that resembles the photo to the left. It will be installed on or near the outside components of your AC unit. If you recognize the SmartAC Switch, just call us to de-activate or remove it.

SmartAC Manager

SmartAC Manager

Check the status of your device and manage your event day participation.

SmartAC tech support

SmartAC tech support

Free 24/7 technical support for SmartAC participants.
Just call 1-866-908-4916 or simply send us an email.