Adjust your energy usage and save or earn money

PG&E and selected partners offer programs for customers to save or earn money by adjusting energy usage. Participation also helps balance the electric grid without producing emissions.

What are my options for participating?

PG&E and our contracted partners currently offer the following programs:

ProviderProgram description

Peak Day Pricing
Get discounted rates throughout the year, except during nine to 15 “events” (four-hour blocks) when the electric system is strained and rates are higher. Events typically occur on the hottest days of summer.

Base Interruptible Program
For customers with an average maximum demand of at least 100 kW, earn a monthly incentive for reducing energy consumption to prescribed levels when called upon.

Capacity Bidding Program
Work with a PG&E partner to create a plan that allows you more flexibility in deciding how you can earn incentives by reducing your energy usage when called upon.

Easily participate in demand response using your smart thermostat, smart plugs, lighting, electric vehicles, batteries or other devices. Save energy and receive payments throughout the year with Auto Grid patented technology.

Earn revenue while helping to stabilize the grid by participating in demand response with EnerNOC. We are the global leader in demand response and are committed to making your participation as easy as possible while maximizing your revenue potential.

OhmConnect, Inc.
Save energy. Get paid. Join OhmConnect’s free service to receive weekly notifications to save energy and earn cash for your savings. Automate your participation with OhmConnect by connecting smart thermostats, plugs and electric vehicles.

Automated Demand Response

When you enroll in select energy incentive programs, you'll also be eligible for equipment rebates and added incentives through Automated Demand Response.

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Other PG&E programs

Additional programs

Electric Rule 24 provides PG&E electricity customers the opportunity to enroll in demand response programs offered by third-party Demand Response Providers, including those listed above.



Learn about other ways to participate in demand response programs through the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

Other information

Learn more about demand response, plus find contact information and additional resources.

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If you're a demand response provider, get information on RFOs, read frequently asked questions and more.

Visit the Demand Response Auction Mechanism (DRAM) program