Find out about Automated Demand Response (ADR)

Get answers to ADR frequently asked questions (FAQ), including eligibility, enrollment and the set-up process.

What is ADR?

ADR pays you a financial reward for installing energy management technology that allows you to perform demand response at your facility. After you install the electric controls, you receive automated event signals from PG&E. These signals initiate pre-programmed DR strategies on your site.

You can combine your financial reward with approved energy-efficiency rebates.


How does payment work?

Payment works in the following ways:

  • Choose your technology category and receive the corresponding reward:
Technology categoryRate ($ per kW)

Automated Demand Response


Advanced technology HVAC/R


Advanced technology lighting


  • Earn between $200 - $400 per kilowatt (kW) of DR load reduction using the technology you selected and installed.
  • Receive 60% of the total savings after we verify your equipment installation and test your committed DR strategies.
  • Receive the remaining 40% savings after you’ve been a DR participant for a full DR season. A full season may be up to 12 months after the first payment.

PLEASE NOTE: Financial rewards may not exceed 100% of your total project cost. This enabling technology incentive is administered by a third party.


Who qualifies for ADR?

To qualify for ADR, you must be a business customer who:



What are the benefits of ADR?

ADR pays you rewards, and provides technical assistance and energy-saving guidance. For example, ADR enables you to:


  • Offset your project cost with installation and equipment programming at little or no cost to you.
  • Get an approved estimate of your reward amount before you begin project installation.
  • Receive technical help during equipment installation.
  • Receive direct payment, or request that your payment be sent to a vendor or contractor.
  • Shorten your payback time.
  • Gain greater control over your current electric energy systems.
  • Get help identifying load curtailment strategies.


What is the process?

Follow these steps:


  1. Contact the ADR Staff or PG&E Sales and Service representative to set up an assessment of your facility.
  2. Submit a Customer Information Authorization Form and Enrollment Form.
  3. Arrange a facility audit by ADR staff.
  4. Select ADR measures for installation.
  5. Apply for any applicable energy efficiency program rewards.
  6. Select and enroll in a DR Program.
  7. Get approval of your project.
  8. Purchase and install equipment.
  9. Notify the ADR Team of your installation so that they can verify completion.
  10. Receive your first installment payment.
  11. Participate in ongoing performance monitoring during the DR season.
  12. Receive your final project evaluation.
  13. Receive your second installment payment.