Manage school energy costs

Every year, California schools spend $700 million on energy. That’s about the same amount they spend on school supplies. Our rebates, discounts and expert advice can help make it easier for your school to save.

Find out how to save energy and money with our K-12 Schools Rebate Catalog. Download K-12 Schools Rebate Catalog (PDF, 3.1 MB).


Learn about K-12 school programs

Following are K-12 school programs and resources:


  • School Energy Efficiency Program (SEEP)

    We assist public school districts and county offices of education to identify, evaluate, and process incentives on energy efficiency retrofit measures. Visit School Energy Efficiency Program.

  • CLEAResult analytics enabled RCx

    We use sophisticated analytics software to remotely study a building's energy use and determine if it will benefit from energy savings measures. We then help to implement those measures and provide an online dashboard to help manage your savings over time. The program serves select counties. Visit Analytics-Enabled Retrocommissioning.

Make the most of Prop 39 dollars

Improve energy efficiency in your public school and you may qualify for California Clean Energy Jobs Act (Prop 39) funding. PG&E offers rebates and discounts for energy-efficiency technologies that can help stretch your Prop 39 dollars.

Use the updated data authorization form

You must submit two forms to the California Energy Commission (CEC) to access Prop 39 resources:

Download Utility Data Release Authorization Form (PDF, 676 KB)
Download Facility and Service Account Information Form (PDF, 1.3 MB)

PG&E requires these forms to provide the CEC with school energy-use data from now through 2023.
Send your completed forms to the CEC and to each utility. If you are a PG&E electricity or natural gas customer, please complete the following steps:


  1. Download The California Clean Energy Jobs Act (Proposition 39 (K-12) Program)
  2. Sign, scan and email the Utility Data Release Authorization Form (CEC-12) and the Facility and Service Account Information Form (CEC-24) to:

PLEASE NOTE: The information form (CEC-24) must remain in electronic format. It must not be scanned by a copier along with the Utility Data Release Authorization form and it must not be handwritten.

Learn about success stories

Find out how other schools and school districts saved energy and money through our energy-efficiency rebates and discount programs.

Save energy

Thinking strategically about your energy use can help create an energy-conscious learning environment. The following tips can help get you started.


  • Ensure that your energy management system reflects usage, changing weather and peak electric times
  • Light and cool only occupied spaces. Use sensors and time switches to help reduce energy use in infrequently inhabited rooms, such as auditoriums and break rooms
  • Replace atmospheric boilers with condensing combustion boilers

Explore our tips and instructions. Visit Tips and How-To's.


Access resources for educators

PG&E is committed to educating students about energy efficiency, renewable energy and conservation. Educators in the PG&E service territory can access curriculum resources free of charge. Curricula are designed to meet Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. View our comprehensive guide to online resources and curriculum programs.
Download Online Energy Resources for Educators (PDF, 4.8 MB).