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Each year, the food service industry spends $10 billion on energy. Up to 80 percent of the energy is wasted by inefficient equipment. We can help you earn money back and reduce your operating costs by improving energy efficiency.

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Find the right solutions for your food service business

Explore these solutions for saving energy in your food service business:

LED lighting solutions icon

LED lighting solutions

  • Accent and directional lighting
  • Exterior area lighting
Cooking equipment and controls icons

Energy-efficient cooking equipment and controls

  • Commercial fryers and griddles
  • Commercial ovens (rack, conveyor, and convection)
  • Commercial steam cookers and combination ovens/steamers
  • Demand control kitchen ventilation
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Energy saving measures for restaurants

Includes food service equipment rebates* and additional rebates appropriate for restaurants:

  • Water heating
  • Lighting

*On-Demand Hand Wrap Machine rebate not included

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Explore our hospitality program

Let us help you prioritize and manage the next energy improvement at your facility. Find comprehensive retrofit solutions for lodging and casinos.

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Learn about our LED Accelerator Program

This program can help your restaurant upgrade or retrofit to high-performance LED lighting. We can help you choose the improvements that will make the most difference to your business.

Get energy-saving tips for restaurants and kitchens

Follow these tips for greater energy efficiency:


  • Ask the expert. Get a customized report on the ways your business can save energy from the consultants at the PG&E Food Service Technology Center. Visit PG&E Food Service Technology Center.
  • Take the Do It Yourself Energy Survey (PDF, 2.7 MB). Opens in new Window..
  • Exchange existing lighting with energy-efficient LED and fluorescent lamps.
  • Replace standard efficiency ovens and fryers with energy-efficient models.
  • Equip walk-in cooler and freezer doors with automatic door closers. Install electronically commutated (ECM) fan motors and fan controllers.

Explore energy-wise ways to save

Check out these additional ways to save: