Optimize your farming and processing operations

Take advantage of current rebates by December 5, 2017. Some rebates and qualifications are changing in 2018.

Variable Frequency Drives for Pumps and Boosters

$30/hp-unit rebate - installations must be complete and applications submitted by December 5, 2017. Rebate and qualifications may vary in 2018.

Variable Frequency Drives for Process Fans

$140/hp-unit rebate - installations must be complete and applications submitted by December 5, 2017 for qualified building types. After December 5, 2017 incentives will need to be calculated and prior to equipment installation for each application.

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Learn about our Advanced Pumping Efficiency Program

We can help you access deeper underground water by improving pump and booster efficiency. Our program subsidizes pump tests, and provides attractive cash-back incentives for pump overhaul above 25/hp.

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Discover dairy and winery industry efficiency solutions

Find comprehensive retrofit solutions for dairies, wineries and breweries. Get a cost-benefit analysis for achieving your energy saving goals.

Visit DIRA Dairy Industry Resource Advantage Program
Food processing audit and resources efficiency

Learn about our Comprehensive Food Processing Audit and Resource Efficiency Program

Discover our turnkey incentive program that offers focused assessments, on-site assistance and financial incentives to help make your food processing facility more cost-efficient.

Find the right solutions for your agriculture or food processing business

Check out these solutions to help your business thrive.

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Learn about our Custom Wastewater Energy Program

Discover cost-saving custom solutions for wastewater treatment systems in agricultural, food processing, and beverage processing facilities. Our program provides engineering consulting and financial incentives to help your facility reduce energy usage, save money, and conserve water.

Download the WEP Program fact sheet (PDF, 3.4 MB)
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Agricultural irrigation pumping solutions

PG&E agricultural irrigation pumping solutions offer:

  • Variable frequency drives for irrigation pumps and boosters
  • Large pump testing and overhaul
  • Small pump adjustments, overhaul or replacement
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Variable frequency drives for process fans or blowers

The drives deliver the following benefits:

  • Reduce maintenance and energy
  • Modulate motor speed to match cooling and drying requirements
  • Deliver the exact pressure and flow for specific applications
Download Agricultural Rates for Eligible Cannabis Growers

Learn about rates for cannabis growers

As of March 1, 2017, existing medical marijuana growers and future recreational marijuana growers are eligible for PG&E’s agricultural energy rate. Find out whether you qualify.