Understand PG&E LED Streetlight Program benefits

In some locations, conventional streetlights can add up to one-third of all local energy costs. Replacing these lights with LED lamps can be a big money saver. The PG&E LED Streetlight Program can help with installation incentives.

Learn how the program can save you money and energy

Replacing conventional streetlights with LED lighting can greatly reduce energy use and maintenance costs while improving light quality and output at street level. Additional advantages of LED streetlights include:


  • Improved night lighting due to general light output, uniformity and higher color temperature, creating a bright white light
  • Significantly longer lifespan
  • Instant-on capability, with no run-up or re-strike delays
  • No mercury, lead or other known disposability problems, helping keep the environment safer
  • Options to implement programmable controls, for example, bi-level lighting


Learn how the program works

Get money-saving incentives and a rate change to offset the cost of upgrading to PG&E-approved LED fixtures. If you choose to install induction street lighting, you may qualify for a lower rate and a calculated incentive. Find out more about this incentive by visiting Customized Incentives for Energy Efficiency.


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