Save energy and improve your lighting

Replacing conventional streetlights with light-emitting diode (LED) lights is a smart way to lower your energy use and provide improved visibility. But, the costs associated with city personnel or subcontractor labor may be difficult to justify. The LED Streetlight Turnkey Replacement Service can help you from project start to finish.

Benefits of the program

The LED Streetlight Turnkey Replacement Service helps you take advantage of LED lighting’s many benefits, including potential PG&E rebates and incentives, while minimizing your labor-resource impacts. Program benefits include:

  • Coordination of LED streetlighting selection
  • Competitive LED fixture pricing using our volume purchasing power
  • Confirmation that fixtures meet PG&E standards and qualify for LED streetlight rates and rebates
  • Use of PG&E subcontractors
  • One-year guarantee of installation workmanship, and 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on LEDs
  • Waste disposal and salvage of removed streetlight lamps and fixtures

Find out if you’re eligible

If you own and maintain streetlights in a PG&E service area and are on the Electric Schedule LS-2, you’re eligible to participate in the program. Download Electric Schedule LS-2 (PDF, 300 KB).

Save more with rebates

If you replace or upgrade existing streetlights with new PG&E-approved LED streetlights, you’re eligible for lower unmetered rates and LED streetlight rebates. Visit LED Streetlight Rebates.

Complete package pricing makes it easy

You receive one price that includes all applicable and known project costs to reduce possible overages. Factors that can change the final price include the size and quantity of LED lights, traffic patterns, your location and required permits. The project price includes material, distributor and shipping costs, sales tax, installation, inspection and PG&E administration and project management costs.

Obtaining installation labor and local permits

PG&E subcontracts installation labor to qualified union and/or union-friendly electrical contractors using a competitive bidding process. Installation is usually completed within 90 to 120 days, and times may vary due to high traffic or limited work-hours permits.

Project management and administration

PG&E coordinates material and contractor bids and completes rebate applications and rate change forms. We also update Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data.