Why you should benchmark your building

Benchmarking enables you to determine how to lower your building's environmental footprint as well as your monthly energy costs. In most cities, it's voluntary. However, an increasing number of cities (such as San Francisco and Berkeley) require building owners to annually benchmark their building's performance.

Benchmarking your building is easy. Best of all, it won't cost you a thing. Benchmarking is a free service provided by PG&E to all building owners in our service territories.

Learn how to benchmark your building (Building Owners & Operators)

Building owners and authorized agents of building owners can request two different types of benchmarking data from PG&E – aggregated, whole building data and individual, tenant-specific meter data.

Aggregated, whole building data will be made available to requesters as defined in CA state assembly bill AB 802. This legislation allows building owners (or authorized agents) to obtain the total energy usage data (across all tenants) for their building, in most cases without obtaining authorization. However, in the following cases, tenants will need to provide explicit authorization before the data can be released:

  • Building has fewer than 3 commercial units
  • Building has fewer than 5 residential units
  • Building has fewer than a combination of 5 residential and commercial units

Individual tenant-specific meter data can be made available to requesters who receive individual authorization from each tenant in the building. Previously, PG&E provided this information in compliance with CA state assembly bill AB 1103. Although AB 1103 is no longer in effect, PG&E is continuing to provide this service to requesters who would like access to the data.

To submit benchmarking data requests, contact PG&E by email (benchmarking@pge.com), phone (1-800-743-6617, option 3) or postal mail to begin the process:

Benchmarking Program Office
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
245 Market Street
Mail Code N8A
San Francisco, CA 94105

PLEASE NOTE: In Q1 of 2017, PG&E will launch a self-service online portal to submit benchmarking data requests. Email benchmarking@pge.com to request notification when the portal has been launched.

Find out how to release your data (Building Tenants)

PG&E customers can release their usage data to building owners and their authorized agents (e.g., property managers) to help in the benchmarking process. Benchmarking a building's energy usage is conducted for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Operational and financial analysis
  • Environmental impact analysis
  • Compliance with city ordinances

Landlords and property managers can obtain two different types of data: aggregated, whole building data (i.e., usage across all meters in a building) and individual, tenant-specific meter data individual meter data (i.e., usage broken out per meter or tenant).

Aggregated, whole building data can be obtained without the tenants' explicit permission (based on the CA state legislation AB 802), except in the following cases:

  • Building has fewer than three commercial units
  • Building has fewer than five residential units
  • Building has fewer than a combination of five residential and commercial units

Individual, tenant-specific meter data can only be obtained when the tenant has explicitly provided permission to release the information to the requester. PG&E will only provide this data after the tenant submits a data release authorization form.

If you received an authorization request from your landlord or property manager to share your energy data, please follow the instructions below, depending on the type of data that was requested:

Aggregated, whole building data:

Contact PG&E (benchmarking@pge.com, or 1-800-743-6617, option 3) to request an authorization form be sent to you. Once you have completed the form, you can return it via email or via postal mail.

You'll need the following information to complete the authorization form:

  • Your PG&E account number
  • The phone number or meter number associated with your account number
  • The 10-digit user ID and building ID for the request (your landlord or property manager can provide this number)

Individual, tenant-specific meter data:

Learn about California benchmarking and disclosure policies

Depending on the size and location of their buildings, building owners may be required to benchmark a building using ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager and to disclose the energy use results of the building.

The San Francisco Existing Commercial Buildings Energy Performance Ordinance requires non-residential building owners in San Francisco to benchmark and disclose results annually. Get details about this ordinance. Visit Existing Commercial Buildings Energy Performance Ordinance.

For more information, email benchmark@sfenvironment.org.

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