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For questions about the PG&E Land Conservation Commitment, email or call Mike Schonherr at 415-973-4535.

PG&E is one of California’s largest private landowners. At PG&E, we take the quality and protection of the region’s water, land and other natural resources to heart. We are committed to being an environmental leader and demonstrating this leadership through our actions. As part of this commitment, we work with the Pacific Forest and Watershed Lands Stewardship Council (the Stewardship Council) to permanently protect the beneficial public values on the more than 140,000 acres of watershed lands associated with the PG&E hydroelectric system. Protecting these lands benefits current and future Californians.


Understand why conservation is important

The protected watershed lands are located in the Sierra Nevada, Cascades and North Coast Range Mountains. More than 1,000 parcels across 22 California counties are being protected to preserve:

  • Natural habitat of fish, wildlife and plants.
  • Open space.
  • Outdoor recreation by the general public.
  • Sustainable forestry.
  • Agricultural uses.
  • Historic values.

Learn about the Youth Investment Program

The Youth Investment Program works in partnership with Youth Outside to connect youth to nature by eliminating barriers, providing resources, and promoting outdoor programming as essential for building healthy lives and inspiring future stewards of the planet. The program’s goal is to make lasting investments and improvements in the communities’ social, physical and environmental fabric throughout PG&E's northern and central California service area.


Find out more about the Stewardship Council

Created in 2004, the Stewardship Council is an independent nonprofit foundation. The Stewardship Council works closely with PG&E on the development and implementation of the Land Conservation Commitment and the Youth Investment Program.

The Stewardship Council Board adopted a Land Conservation Plan (LCP) in 2007. The LCP documents existing conditions and provides management objectives, measures and conceptual plans to preserve and/or enhance the beneficial public values on PG&E watershed lands. PG&E implements the LCP based on recommendations from the Stewardship Council to donate fee interests in lands and to place conservation easements on the lands. Donations of fee interests and easements are made to public entities or qualified conservation organizations.

PG&E provided the Stewardship Council $70 million to develop and implement the LCP and $30 million for the Youth Investment Program.

The Stewardship Council website has background information and progress updates. Visit Stewardship Council.


View Board of Director Organizations

The Stewardship Council Board of Directors is made up of 18 members representing a diverse group of interests, with one board seat occupied by PG&E. The following list shows current board participation:

  • Association of California Water Agencies.
  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife.
  • California Farm Bureau Federation.
  • California Forestry Association.
  • California Hydropower Reform Coalition.
  • California Public Utilities Commission.
  • California Public Utilities Commission Appointees (three positions).
  • California Natural Resources Agency.
  • California Tribal Interests.
  • Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board.
  • Division of Ratepayer Advocates.
  • PG&E.
  • Rural County Representatives of California.
  • State Water Resources Control Board.
  • The Trust for Public Land.
  • U.S. Forest Service (non-voting position).