Request for letter of support or letter of commitment

PG&E will review California-focused research, development and deployment-related projects and provide letters of support or letters of resource commitment (as appropriate) to third parties. The project review is part of the California Energy Commission (CEC) EPIC (Electric Program Investment Charge) proposal requirement or other research entities, such as (but not limited to) the Department of Energy (DOE).

Be sure to check current projects to ensure your idea does not duplicate existing efforts. Also, please complete your application in full before submitting.


Upon receipt of an application, PG&E requires at least two weeks to determine whether to support and/or commit financial or other resources to the effort. We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate requests for a shorter turnaround.

Application instructions

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Complete the request form

In the request form, provide your contact and company information, along with relevant information about the proposal. It is essential that you clarify the scope and value of the project. Indicate how PG&E and its customers would benefit from supporting the project (e.g., offering a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual license to technology developed). Also, please describe whether you are requesting a letter of support or a letter of resource commitment:

A letter of support offers encouragement and agrees to the value of the project.

A letter of commitment provides financial or in-kind support such as labor, data, utility assets etc.

Be sure to sign and date the License Agreement, which is the last page of the form.

Download the request form (DOCX, 35 KB)
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Review sample letters

These samples show the typical content found in letters that PG&E provides.


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Attach research proposal

In order for PG&E to endorse a project, applicants must include their research proposal when submitting the request form. If the proposal is not yet finalized, submit the draft proposal, executive summary or project narrative. The final version must be submitted within five days.

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Email your application

Send your completed request form and research proposal to

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Final submission

To ensure there are no substantial changes to the scope of work that PG&E has supported in its signed letter, the applicant must email PG&E their final proposal within 5 days of submission to the funder. Send to: