Understand the Grid Operations Situational Intelligence Project

The Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) program enables PG&E to work with the other California investor-owned utilities and the California Energy Commission (CEC) to develop Smart Grid technology demonstration and deployment programs.

The program features a Grid Operations Situational Intelligence (GOSI) project made up of “next-generation” operator consoles. Over the past decade, Grid Operators have been able to access more sources of information, but through a variety of different programs. GOSI will combine diverse data types into a single visualization. It will allow operators to display or hide several different types of information, overlaying key data on a map of the service territory. GOSI will:

  • Demonstrate real-time data integration and visualization for distributed energy resources 
  • Evaluate benefits and use cases of a single-interface software platform 
  • Provide a single software interface as a tool for distribution operators and engineers/power quality end users 
  • Test visualization tools and alarms 
  • Provide information for a future technology roadmap for the Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS) platform 

Discover the benefits of GOSI

Following are some potential benefits of a full-scale GOSI application:

  • Increased safety. Enable Grid Operators to better understand dynamic situations, improving decision-making when preventing or responding to emergency situations.
  • Lower consumer costs.
    • Decrease costs through root cause analyses.
    • Reduce circuit-planning effort from customer reassignments.
    • Plan for outage support.
  • Increased reliability.
    • Prevent outages through early warnings.
    • Reduce the number of power quality complaints and investigations.
    • Reduce the number of power quality complaints from renewables.
    • Improve restoration speed using more granular, real-time data.
  • chart displaying Electric Distribution GOSI Application Vision