Exploring Distributed Series Reactor (DSR) technology

Finding ways to improve reliability at a lower cost is a top priority for PG&E. That’s why, as part of the Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) program, we’re exploring DSR implementation.


View EPIC information: Electric Program Investment Charge.

Understanding the EPIC project

DSRs are Distributed Flexible AC Transmission Systems (D-FACTS) devices directly mounted on conductors, near transmission structures. When energized, the DSR modules:

  • Increase line impedance.
  • Reduce line flow.
  • Redirect line flow to parallel facilities.


The EPIC project includes the following activities:

  • Multiple reactor modules mounted on selected transmission lines.
  • A wireless communications system.
  • System Manager Servers at the System Control Center.
  • Energy Management Systems hardware and software, installed to monitor and control the DSR modules.

Check out the possible benefits of DSRs

Full-scale implementation of the EPIC project can provide many benefits.

Lower costs

Increase reliability