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The Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) Program enables PG&E to work with the other California investor-owned utilities and the California Energy Commission (CEC) to develop Smart Grid technology demonstration and deployment programs. In 2012, we proposed a plan to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to use $49 million to fund 26 electricity projects.

Project initiatives include:

  • Demonstrate real-time data integration and visualization for distributed energy resources.
  • Evaluate benefits and use cases of a single-interface software platform.
  • Provide single-interface software as a tool for distribution operators and engineers/power quality end users.
  • Test visualization tools and alarms.
  • Provide information for a future technology roadmap for the Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS) platform.

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EPIC 1.08 - Distribution System Safety and Reliability through New Data Analytics Techniques

The project demonstrates a visualization and decision support system to support PG&E's risk management efforts to enhance public and system safety, as well as improve asset management strategies and investment plans. 
Download Pacific Gas and Electric Company EPIC 1.08 (PDF, 2.44 MB).


EPIC 1.09A - Test New Remote Monitoring and Control Systems for Existing Transmission & Distribution Assets: Close Proximity Switching

The primary goals of this EPIC project were to increase system reliability and to improve the safe operation of three-phase Load Break Oil Rotary switches, which are used for making or breaking the path in an electrical circuit. In both a lab and field setting, this project successfully demonstrated and evaluated various robotic that would allow PG&E workers to more safely operate certain subsurface or underground (UG) oil switches.
Download Pacific Gas and Electric Company EPIC 1.09A (PDF, 612 KB).


EPIC 1.24 - Demonstrate Demand-Side Management (DSM) for Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Cost Reduction

The project successfully provided and tested the performance of a near real-time window of PG&E's Air Conditioning (AC) Direct Load Control (DLC) system, which utilizes one-way switch control devices. This allowed us to improve our ability to estimate AC DLC impacts at the distribution system level to better understand the localized impact of AC direct load control devices on meeting distribution feeder level reliability concerns. It also enabled near real-time visibility of AC direct load control installations to support Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Operations and provided Demand Response (DR) program administrators with near real-time feedback on any problems with direct load control devices before, during or after an event is called, which supports T&D operational improvements. 
Download Pacific Gas & Electric Company EPIC 1.24 (PDF, 4.1 MB).