Former San Rafael manufactured gas plant

Project Status: In April 2017, PG&E completed a year-long environmental cleanup project in downtown San Rafael. Crews safely removed roughly 28,030 cubic yards of soil containing waste from a former manufactured gas plant (MGP) that operated at the site close to ninety years ago. The site was restored with grading/paving, new sidewalks and landscaping in preparation for future redevelopment. All work was performed under the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC)/San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board approved cleanup plan and in accordance with Bay Area Air Quality District and City of San Rafael permits.

restored site with grading/paving, new sidewalks and landscaping in preparation for future redevelopment

PG&E’s cleanup work has prepared the site for future redevelopment. As part of this work, we installed new asphalt paving, sidewalks and landscaping.

As part of PG&E’s commitment to safety, all work was performed in accordance with a project-specific Health and Safety Plan. PG&E will conduct additional soil vapor testing to confirm the effectiveness of cleanup activities before transition the property to its new owner, BioMarin.

Site History: PG&E operated a former MGP at the site from 1875 to 1930. The plant was shut down and put on standby status in 1930 and dismantled in 1960. As was common practice at the time, byproducts from the gas-making process were left buried on-site. PG&E used an office building, constructed in 1965, as its North Bay Division offices until the late 1990s. In September 2015, PG&E completed the sale of the property to BioMarin, a local biopharmaceutical company. PG&E is not involved in future redevelopment plans for the site.

This property is part of a larger 17-acre former PG&E San Rafael Service Center property. The majority of the 17-acre property was sold and redeveloped as commercial office space, also now owned by BioMarin. A PG&E substation occupies another portion of the original property.

Site-related documents, including the draft RAP, can also be found at:
San Rafael Public Library, Reference Desk, 1100 E Street, San Rafael (415-485-3323).