Former Napa manufactured gas plant

Project overview: PG&E plans to clean up a former manufactured gas plant (MGP) site in Napa that ceased operations almost a century ago. PG&E initiated this cleanup voluntarily, and the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) oversees the work.

Former Napa MGP in the 1900s

PG&E began investigation work in 2009 and the first step in the cleanup process, defining the extent of chemical impacts in soil and groundwater, is complete and has been approved by DTSC.

The site, in its current condition, does not present a health risk because waste material is buried and covered with paving and concrete. However, cleanup will provide long term protection of the environment.

The draft cleanup plan will be available for public review in 2020 and remediation work is tentatively scheduled to begin in late 2021, clearing the way for property redevelopment.

PG&E will keep interested parties informed of this work and stay involved with the community on a local level. This includes coordination of work with the City of Napa, surrounding neighborhood, local schools and social organizations, and other outreach. As a demonstration of this commitment, PG&E has partnered with the Shearer Elementary on a number of community relations efforts.

PG&E volunteers, school staff and parents helped repaint the playground, awarded charitable contributions to purchase books and recently donated funds to provide safety backpacks for each classroom

Site history: The former Napa MGP operated from 1889 to 1924 at Riverside Drive and Elm Street. The plant provided a constant source of energy for cooking, lighting, heating and hot water and greatly modernized the community. The Napa MGP closed down when natural gas became available and some waste was left buried on site, which was a common practice before environmental laws were created. The property was redeveloped and later PG&E purchased the site to facilitate investigation and cleanup work.

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Important health & safety information

Important health and safety information

There is no indication that PG&E's former MGP sites pose any health concerns to the public, based on our testing, experience, and extensive review of medical literature.