The California drought

Resources for agriculture and business customers

From farms to family restaurants, thousands of California businesses have been hard-hit by the drought. This is why we have developed more rebates and incentives on water and energy-saving appliances and equipment. For additional help, you can also count on our industry experts to assist you in planning and preparing for the future.


Increased incentives for pump efficiency overhauls
With incentives boosted by as much as an additional 33 percent, now is a good time to install a more efficient pump and improve access to deeper underground water. Available through December 31, 2016.

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New variable frequency drive rebates
Now available for new and existing well and booster pumps. A variable frequency drive will deliver the exact pressure and flow for different applications at different times, they'll help you irrigate more efficiently, use less water and energy, and extend the life of your system.

Download the Business Rebate Catalog for Ag and Food Processing (PDF, 672 KB)

Agricultural Irrigation Pump overhaul (≤ 25 hp)
Repairing even small pumps can make a big difference. By keeping your smaller pumps in top condition, you'll use less energy to pump the same amount of water and lower you electric bill for years to come.

Download the Business Rebate Catalog for Ag and Food Processing (PDF, 672 KB)

Energy efficiency financing
Update your pumps with no up-front investment. Now you can obtain interest-free loans of $5,000-$100,000 for qualified equipment repair.

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Service planning tool
Let us know early if you're going to add new wells or bigger pumps, so we can make sure to meet all your service planning needs.

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Food processing

Boiler rebates
Save water, energy and money with efficiency upgrades.

Download the Business Rebate Catalog for Insulation, Water Heating and Laundry Equipment Rebates (PDF, 672 KB)

Facility improvements
Improve operations and save water and energy through equipment replacements, advanced controls and operational changes to critical facility systems including wastewater treatment, mechanical processes, heating and drying, compressed air and refrigeration.

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Energy efficiency financing
Update equipment with no up-front investment. You can obtain interest-free loans of $5,000-$100,000 for qualifying items.

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Food services

Equipment rebates
Food-service appliances can use tremendous amounts of water. Receive rebates when you purchase new, efficient equipment from the statewide rebate program.

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Water rebates
Receive increased cash incentives with custom rebates from local water agencies.

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Drought support

Drought support

PG&E is helping agricultural customers weather ongoing drought.

Pump up efficiency

Pump up efficiency

Find out how to get the most from your irrigation pump.

Food service conservation tips

Food service conservation tips

Discover ways to reduce water usage in steamers, ice machines, washers and more.

Learn from experts

Learn from experts

Explore how to improve the resilience of organic farms, manage rangelands, care for subtropical orchards and other drought-related challenges through the University of California's online water seminars.

What's your drought status?

What's your drought status?

See which areas of California have mandatory, agricultural or voluntary restrictions and which have been declared emergency water shortage regions.